Musk’s Master Plan: X Vs. YouTube

by / ⠀News / March 13, 2024
Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s latest venture, X, is prepping to release an app primarily aimed at viewers who enjoy long video content screened on larger displays. The app is set to resemble YouTube’s smart TV functionalities, intensifying the competition for small-screen viewership. The release is slated for the upcoming week, underlining its journey towards becoming a “multi-functional app.”

Initially, the application will compete with YouTube’s smart TV services and will be exclusively available on Amazon and Samsung smart TVs. It is part of X’s growing offerings, which is making strides to position itself as a multi-functional platform.

To enhance X’s media presence, a partnership with former CNN anchor Don Lemon has been undertaken. Starting from March 18, Lemon will host a show exclusively on X. This denotes the platform’s shift towards more in-depth, long-form content development.

X has over 70 channels.

Making its debut as a YouTube competitor, X flaunts over 70 channels and an extensive compilation of on-demand TV shows and films. Most notably, a 20-minute car review video by popular influencer MrBeast generated a staggering $263,655, demonstrating X’s potential as a lucrative platform for content creators globally.

While YouTube TV offers subscription-based services, including an expansive collection of channels, TV shows, and movies, X foregrounds its distinctiveness by emphasizing that its primary user engagement comes from video consumption, cultivating its niche in the digital streaming market.

Musk envisions X as a YouTube competitor.

Musk envisions X as a YouTube competitor and a robust rival to digital platforms like Twitch, Signal, and Reddit. Part of this plan includes integrating financial functions, which may possibly eradicate the need for traditional bank accounts, signifying a transformation into an “everything app” similar to China’s WeChat.

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Furthermore, the vision for X extends to becoming a “one-stop app,” incorporating features like social media, mobile transactions, instant messaging, and video conferencing, among others. Several steps towards this goal have been set into motion, such as an updated paid verification system, extended character limitations, video and voice calling features, and specific payment models aimed to uplift creator earnings.

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