Quick pro-tip to get a LOT of reading done very quickly

by / ⠀Blog / July 25, 2016

Quick pro-tip to start your week off productive.

Here’s how you get a LOT of reading done very quickly:

Buy both the regular book (hardcover or paperback) then get the unabridged audio version on Audible and crank the speed up to 2x or even 2.5x.

Follow along the words with your finger or a pen. You’ll get all the info without missing a beat because it’s like force-feeding your brain — and you’ll finish the book in half the time or less.

I usually start with 1.5x for a few chapters to train my mind and eyes to keep up with the quick pace.

Same as using a treadmill. Start slow, get fast gradually, then do “sprints.” I’ll do 15 minute chunks at a very fast pace, then reduce the speed for a while to give myself a cognitive break before getting back to it.

This is especially useful for times when you just need to “get through” a book because it has vital info, like business/marketing/money book. It’s how I got through Tony Robbins’ new behemoth in 3 days!

Another ancillary benefit is that it gets you SUPER focused on what’s being said because you’re using not just one, but two senses (sight and sound) to absorb the material as you follow along. There’s no room for distraction!

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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