Reasons to Develop an eLearning Platform for Your Business

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Reasons to Develop an eLearning Platform for Your Business

Various businesses have unique needs for professional development and learning. Let’s, for instance, imagine a fast food chain that makes major investments in advanced food-processing machinery. If this machinery was developed solely with this company in mind, there’s a significant risk of encountering major problems during training. No outsiders will have proper knowledge of this machinery and, thus, will require long-term training.

Some new machines or other value-adding innovations can promote unique and, in many ways, non-conventional methods of thinking. For example, an innovative language-learning school may focus on inquiry-based approaches to learning, which require a major cognitive transformation, the ability to abstain from the past knowledge of studying completely. In the end, all these innovations are going to require unique approaches to learning, too. They will need platforms that actually incorporate non-traditional frameworks. For instance, the operation of novel machines may require spatial thinking, which can be developed only via virtual reality.

Reason 1. Covering unique learning needs

In this light, many companies are likely to face significant issues during training if they don’t have their own learning platform. The only solution in such a situation is to develop your own platform that will allow you to incorporate various features you want freely. For instance, your self-controlled platform won’t limit you when it comes to installing virtual reality tools. It’ll also be possible to install gamification tools or simulated coding environments. No proprietary learning platform can cover your company’s potential needs as much as a high-quality custom development app. Ultimately, this is one of the core reasons to invest in eLearning app development services. In further paragraphs, we’ll give you additional motivations to consider this type of technology in your business.

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Reason 2. Having full control over development

A major problem with various eLearning platforms is that they make you dependent on particular sites and apps too much. Let’s review two examples of the negative events that can occur due to this reliance on other firms. Firstly, there’s the risk of losing your information via the closure of an eLearning business. Many companies in this sector aren’t profitable, and as a result, they may close down at any time. If you’ve already adapted your course to some platform, a major risk of losing your progress because of outside factors is also present. Secondly, big updates can be a large issue for your firm, too. Significant changes in particular platforms tend to break the often elaborate courses created by certain companies, requiring big investments in redevelopment.

Your eLearning platform is essential since it solves this challenge once and for all. How exactly? You’re the one to define its future in all directions. It’s up to you if the project is to be closed down. It’s also up to you what updates it’ll receive. In short, you greatly reduce the risks of being controlled by the outside circumstances in the presented case. The independence of one’s assets is among the core aspects of business stability. Hence, eLearning platform development belongs to the strongest methods of improving the long-term vitality of your company.

Reason 3. Improving privacy

A major problem faced by companies that use innovations in their everyday processes lies in the threat of information leaks. Any leak of data about their core methods for improving revenues may, with time, lead to the loss of competitive edge. How is this relevant to the discussed topic of the eLearning platforms? A leak of information about the actions of a particular business can occur through a training framework. For example, a risk that criminals may break into some popular LMS tools and, thus, expose the commercial secrets of multiple companies exists.

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Yes, many companies on the market are making major investments in security. Their reputations heavily rely on the ability to preserve customer information. Hence, this scenario isn’t probable when it comes to larger products. Still, it highlights one vital issue: by using general market-oriented products, you’re encountering major risks because you once again have no control over development. Using outside eLearning solutions pushes businesses to partially or even fully rely on the expertise of other companies. This reliance is one of the greatest threats to business.

A custom eLearning app is a solution to the presented issue. As we’ve mentioned before, it gives you complete control over security. In this light, you get major advantages by making such investments. Firstly, independence gives the capability to control every aspect of security development. Full control can enable you to find elaborate attempts to break into your systems and create unique countermeasures for them. Secondly, a major factor is the ability to install non-conventional protection methods. Proprietary solutions usually focus on a set of well-established technologies. Depending on the security needs of your business, a custom eLearning platform enables you to use many non-standard methods, such as blockchain or security card and biometrical two-factor authentication. Custom software is your best path to improving long-term app confidentiality.

Reason 4. Eliminating redundant features

A large challenge stemming from proprietary solutions aimed at the general market lies in redundancy. They try to create platforms that cover as many features as possible to satisfy the largest number of potential customers. This is a major problem for various companies since, to a great extent, it leads to situations in which you pay too much for a product. There’s no rationale for enabling AI features if you need a VR training solution. Consequently, full control over development is also a major fund-saver. You get to choose only those features that your platform needs. If your requirements expand with time, you can ask for additional development input.

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To summarize, we think that developing an eLearning platform for your company is among the best ways to guarantee long-term business stability. Control over your software transitions into control over your entire business.

Ultimately, we also want to highlight some recommendations for finding good custom development companies for this goal. You should look for businesses similar to Keenethics. They must have more than five years of experience, should possess several expert developers with edtech knowledge, and must feature several eLearning projects in their portfolios.

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