Is There A “Secret” To Success?

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Here’s a funny little anecdote — and I’m posting it today to remind myself just as much as I want to remind you.

There’s no “secret sauce.”

What do I mean by that?

Simple: There are very few “hidden answers” out there.

People ask me:

“Daniel, I really want to start a business, what’s the best strategy?”

I love helping my tribe. I say:

“There are a couple great ones that have worked for me. Have you tried The Marsupial Method, or my ‘Hacking Elance’ strategy?”

Their response:

“…Yeah, I saw those. They’re great. But what’s the real secret? I mean, how did you really do it?”

I sigh. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe that answer wasn’t deep enough — maybe it wasn’t the solution they were looking for. So I try to dig:

“Well, I guess what it really comes down to is meeting more people who are doing interesting projects. The more fun, successful people you meet, the more opportunities you’ll get to do fun stuff, make more money, etc. It’s all about connections, really.”

I can see them rubbing their hands together. YES! Finally I’m going to say something profound. They’re ready for me to drop the KNOWLEDGE BOMB.

Then I hit them with…

“You know, I wrote everything I know about connecting with people in this guide.”

And I can see they are let down. The excitement drains from their face again.

See, I told you. No secret sauce.

Here’s the deal, guys: There really are no secrets out there. Not anymore, at least.

Google is amazing. It literally contains everything every human has ever thought of.

Books are incredible. Every significant challenge that’s been faced, somebody has most likely already solved and written down in a book.

(Even the supernatural shit like massive floods…)

So why aren’t we all super fit, rich and smart?

Well, frankly: It’s f***ing hard!

It’s EASY to watch epic workout videos by CT Fletcher and get all pumped up about getting back into the gym.

It’s HARD to get your ass up off the couch.

It’s EASY to read a blog post about starting your own business on a conceptual level.

It’s HARD to take the time to identify your skill sets, create a plan, and follow through (especially when things get tough).

But you CAN do it. You just have to focus.

Here’s a formula I’ve learned, and it’s NEVER steered me wrong: Focus + Being Cool To People + Offering Something Of Value = $$$

It’s as close to a predictable formula as there is. But it’s not a secret sauce.

So go out there and do it.

I can’t wait for you to do awesome things.


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