A 5-Step Guide to Performing a Social Media Audit [Infographic]

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We all need to revise our social media marketing campaigns every so often. Check out this infographic for the 5 steps needed to run an audit.

Have you ever thought that you might need a social media audit to improve your marketing performance?

Marketing via different social networking sites/apps is now an accepted method for finding potential customers and making more money.

5 Steps to Conduct a Social Media AuditIt’s a fast and cost-effective means of communication, advertisement, and sales. So, almost all large, medium, and small brands are using different social platforms to reach out to their niche audience and increase their sales.

Social Media Audits Help You Cut Through the Noise

But the thing is that with a whopping number of social media accounts, it’s a difficult task to outperform your competitors. That’s why many marketers and business accounts are not successful in building sales funnels and increasing their income.

So it’s clear that having a marketing strategy for social media is key to reaching success in this way. A strong strategy usually contains the following items:

  1.     Competition Research
  2.     SMART Goal Definition
  3.     Audience Reach
  4.     Selecting Suitable Platforms
  5.     Content Generation
  6.     Scheduling and Automation
  7.     Promotion
  8.     Engagement
  9.     Performance Analysis

Of course, social media is an ever-changing industry. As a result, there’s no concrete strategy that will work forever.

Shifting Media Platforms, Uncontrollable Circumstances

On the other hand, the social and economic circumstances of the world are also changing. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic hit businesses hard, especially small brands, during the associated lockdowns and municipal restrictions.

As a result, you’ll need to update each item of your social media marketing strategies constantly to make sure you’re acting based on the newest trends and information.

As mentioned above, the Covid-19 pandemic put a significant burden on all businesses. Global sales plummeted and marketing strategies during the pandemic shifted significantly just to keep up.

So, after you build and implement your strategy, you’ll need a way to track the results and make sure everything is OK. A social media audit can significantly help you revise your strategies and adapt them to the newest trends and requirements.

Regular Audits Act as a Compass for Future Campaigns

In fact, continuous auditing is merely the process of evaluating what has worked best, what has been a failure, and what should be changed to get ahead of the competition. Fortunately, there’s a tool out there for just about anything you might want, and social media auditing is no exception.

You simply must develop a systematic auditing process if you hope to achieve the desired results. Social media analytic tools can be of significant help to you in this process.

Feel free to download the infographic in this article. As you develop your plans, it can serve as a useful guide for social media auditing. Use it to revise your social media strategy as you face down platform changes, customer feedback, and future unanticipated events.

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