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Your domain name should be your first step in moving forward with your business venture.  Yes, you need to start researching WordPress web hosting and hiring a developer. But if you want to start a business in the 21st century you’ll need a web presence so start by buying up that domain for cheap before it’s gone.  Every entrepreneur should have:

Your personal domain name

This will be your web presence for your entire life.  You need to be found on Google and you need to start building your personal brand as a great entrepreneur.  You don’t want someone else claiming it and putting up bogus information or branding themselves as you.  Even if you don’t put up a site up now, claim your name so you can protect your image.

Your Company’s domain

Even more importantly you want your business to have a domain that represents your brand.  URLs are hard to come by these days so you’ll need to act fast before someone else takes it. Either claim a domain that says what your business does ie: or claim a domain that clearly represents the name of your business ie:

Spend the money and claim your brand’s name across the board.  If the .net, .org and .tv are available hold onto them so nobody can come along and infringe on your intellectual property. Nissan has been suing for years over  Save yourself the hassle not to mention the legal fees.

We recommend using GoDaddy domain name registration service.  They are the largest, most trusted service, have very competitive prices and have 24 hour customer support based in Arizona, USA.

You can also register your domain through 1 & 1 as well as If the .net, .tv and .org domains are available hold onto them so nobody can come along and infringe on your intellectual property.

Domain Name FAQ’s:

I have a .blogspot or .wordpress domain for free isn’t that enough?

No.  These free sites are not a solution for your professional website.  Very honestly, these sites do not get taken seriously when people go to your site looking for a business.  If you can’t spend less than $10 on your domain, maybe you should re-think how serious you are about this business.

Free domains like .tumblr aren’t actually real domains, they don’t rank well for SEO, they aren’t ranked on Compete or Alexa, and they are hard to remember.  It’s not that these sites don’t have a place in the blogosphere, but they aren’t made for money making ventures.  If you already have a blog existing on one of these platforms, you can upgrade.

What’s better .com, .gov, .net, .tv, etc.?

The best bet is to get a .com because they are the standard which makes them easier to remember. However you will find more keywords available with the .net, .org, or .tv domain names. These keywords could help your SEO ranking with something like, Look for the .com first but the others are not a bad choice if you find a great keyword combination.

If you are serious about this name, you need to buy all the types of domains available so nobody can rip them off, create imposture sites or damage your brand.  This is the brand you plan on turning into big money so buy them up now before your name is compromised.  It is also a good idea to buy the singular and plural of your domain. Also don’t forget to claim your Twitter handle!

What about dashes, and filler words like “it, the or my”, what about

Filler words and fancy trends like will take away from your SEO and will be harder to remember. You will also want your business to build it’s own brand identity so the more original the name the better.  K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid!  The longer and more complicated the domain, the worse off you’ll be. Will your domain look good on a billboard or in a commercial? At the bottom of your business card?

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