StartUp Hutch to spur Hutchinson’s economic growth

by / ⠀News / April 5, 2024
StartUp Hutch

StartUp Hutch, a startup incubator based in Hutchinson, Kansas, is preparing to initiate a growth phase that will boost the economy of Hutchinson and Reno County.

This growth is fueled by the financial backing and strategic resources provided by K-State 105, a local stakeholder. This initiative aims to generate jobs, stimulate businesses, and strengthen economic resilience in the region.

Integral to the growth plan is establishing an Entrepreneur Navigator (E-Navigator) role, a valuable resource focused on building relationships with local business founders, fostering partnerships, and supporting new businesses within Reno County.

Jessica Gnad, an Electrical Engineer at K-State 105, expressed her excitement about the partnership with StartUp Hutch. Emphasizing the importance of grassroots entrepreneurship in stimulating economic growth, she believes this collaboration holds significant potential for community expansion.

In order to manage entrepreneurship projects more effectively, StartUp Hutch also plans to recruit new staff.

StartUp Hutch: Boosting Hutchinson’s economy

Executive Director Jackson Swearer praises this ecosystem-based approach, which aims to improve relationships within the Reno County community while supporting established businesses and nurturing future business leaders.

In addition to improving resource accessibility and hosting workshops, StartUp Hutch is collaborating with Hutchinson Community College, NetWork Kansas, and K-State Research and Extension. These partnerships form part of the wider Entrepreneurship Community program, which focuses on entrepreneurial efforts in 73 areas across Kansas state.

NetWork Kansas will supervise the project’s expansion. South Central E-Community Manager Ciara Miller is optimistic about the potential partnership with K-State 105 and anticipates further enhancement of entrepreneurial navigation services and economic advancement within Reno County.

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This innovative, partnership-oriented approach to fostering local businesses and entrepreneurial ventures signifies a promising future for economic development in Hutchinson and Reno County.

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