What Motivates Most Business Founders Under 30

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What motivates a leader? Learn six different ways to be motivated as a startup founder for your future success and business acumen.

What motivates you? What motivates the founders of any successful business? Turns out both of you very likely have a lot in common.

What motivates a young entrepreneur? Most seem to be driven by desires such as wealth and power. However, a successful and satisfied entrepreneur is one that focuses on positive outcomes that benefit all and not just themselves.

Below are some motivations that most founders, even those under 30, would agree are critical.

1. Desire to change the world.

Most young entrepreneurs have a dream of changing the world. Some don’t think about the money, power, and prestige that come with success. They just want to make a difference.

Those wants and desires lead to unrealistic goals, causing problems and even failure for an unaware entrepreneur.

In a rapidly changing world, many young entrepreneurs are looking for new innovative ways to stand out and be a leader in their respective industries. Through positive success and personal values, the world can indeed be changed.

2. Make something that has meaning.

Entrepreneurs need to focus on making meaning, not money. Many times, so-called entrepreneurs just want to make money and only see starting up a business as a means to flip and sell it.

Instead, make your goal to have a purpose. If you just want to make money rather than get a job, don’t start one.

Life is the longest and shortest experience you will ever live through. Why waste it on something boring? Expand your horizons. Find meaning in your career and your life.

3. Increased satisfaction.

Work is a large part of your life. The only way to be satisfied is if you do what you believe makes you happy. What motivates many founders is to escape anything that feels like The Grind.

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Many young founders of start-up businesses have sought satisfaction in knowing that they have helped people and changed lives. Plus, it should be the small victories that count as well.

It’s the journey along the way that makes business owners motivated to work. So…do what makes you happy! No sense in doing anything you don’t like doing.

4. Seeking personal growth.

Even if you get through school and college — and even founding a successful business — you never should stop learning.

Learning is what keeps our minds sharp and open to many new possibilities. Having that desire to be a forever student is what leads to success in your business and being at the top of your game.

This could also refer to personal time as well.

Everyone needs a break in a while and a little fun. Nobody talks business 24/7. So relax and let your mind rest so that you can be ready for work again.

5. A reflection of one’s beliefs.

For other entrepreneurs, their beliefs are seen in their business. They may value their beliefs over that of money and influence.

If you truly care about your beliefs then you won’t sacrifice your morals and values…no matter how big the paycheck is.

6. Helping others.

Of course one of the most attractive ideas for a young entrepreneur — and what motivates legions of founders — is to help people.

There is no better way to find satisfaction than to help others achieve their goals.  Likewise, great entrepreneurs will often keep their eyes open for potential prospects in their respected field.

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Helping one another is a human trait, one that has helped millions get very far in life.

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