Startup to $850,000 in 1 Year: Interview with Crisp Video Group’s Michael Mogill

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A year and a day before I spoke with Michael Mogill, Crisp Video Group was born.  Only 366 days later, the company has grown to 8 employees and is projected to earn $850,000 in revenue for the year of 2013. Having success as an entrepreneur is nothing out of the ordinary for Mogill, who at the age of 12 launched a web design company out of his parents’ home.  “I’d have web design clients come to my house and my mom would let them in the front door.”

Now 27, the Atlanta based entrepreneur and Crisp Video Group have landed clients including Audi, Red Bull, and Verizon, while simultaneously building a niche in the dental and medical industry.  The company specializes in promotional videos less than 5 minutes long, often called sizzle or highlight reels.  After seeing an opportunity in the dental industry, Crisp Dental was launched and focused on filling marketing voids.

Q: How have you been able to grow Crisp (to this level) in one year?

A: “It’s really just company culture and work ethic.  From the very beginning I’ve been committed to doing this the right way.”

In addition to being the sole owner of Crisp, Michael is the founder and owner of ATL Nightlife and Reboot Music, both of which are based out of Atlanta.  Michael admits that balancing time between his endeavors is still a work in progress, but surrounding himself with a great team and putting systems and structures into place help with time management and balancing his businesses.  Mogill realizes the sacrifices that need to be made as an entrepreneur.  “If you want to get invested in entrepreneurship, you have to put the time in.”

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Hear the full audio interview with Michael Mogill below.

Interview Highlights

– Most important factors when using video marketing: Have a goal behind a video. “Never put together a video just to have one.” The quality of the video reflects the quality of the brand.

– Best experience as a young entrepreneur: Being able to help clients solve a problem and creating something from nothing.

– Advice for young entrepreneurs: Cut the people who aren’t getting you where you need to get to, those who are bringing in negativity or not hitting deadlines.  Don’t spend time hoping people will change.

Michael Mogill’s keys for young entrepreneurs

– Set standards for what you will and won’t accept.

– Surround yourself with ‘A’ players.  People who do what they say they’ll do.  Also, put people where they will succeed.

– Have 1 person that you can count on and rely on so that you don’t have to do it alone.  Have somebody there who understands and can support you along the way.

Quick Fire Questions

One industry you wouldn’t want to do a promotional video for? I wouldn’t want to do a video for a client who doesn’t believe in their own product or service.

Coolest brand or project that you have done a video for? Easy, Red Bull Freestyle, a National DJ Competition.

What is the one company that you would do anything to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet? I’m a diehard hockey fan, so I would have to say the NHL.

Favorite alcoholic drink? Patron and pineapple.

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Favorite musician? Based off of the best concert I’ve ever been to, U2.

Favorite celebrity that you’ve met in person? Comedian Aziz Ansari.  Everything he says is funny.  He was a friendly and genuine guy.

Listen to the full interview here:


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