Stop With the BS: Five Practical Tips For Any Career or Business

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no-bullshitThe following are excerpts from the recently published book, Stop With The BS, a book that looks to address some of the problems in corporate culture and workplace today.

I decided to write a book. I got on a train and I started writing. I was sick of the BS that is corporate culture and the way that people get jobs—resumes are a joke. Everything is changing. And in the course of 48 hours, I wrote a book, it’s called “Stop With The BS,”—and I wanted to do it to call out a lot of the bullshit about business and career advice.

Some of the ideas are really simple. If you want to start a business or get better at what you do, for example. I thought I’d share some of the book here, focusing on how to fix some of the problems I see happening all over the workplace:

1. Limit Email

Email nowadays is like crack. It never ends and people just send, reply all, and reply for the sake of replying.

If your job starts to be just forwarding emails, we need to make it more efficient. We don’t realize how much time we waste on email.

Most of the emails we send don’t create anything.

It will kill you.

At my old job, after probably receiving 70% of emails that were complete BS in my first 6 months of working there, I decided to address this two ways:

If I ever forwarded an email I would reply and ask if there was a better way to get it to the person.

I took myself off all alias lists that were group lists. If I needed to know, someone would tell me.

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2. Stop Worrying About Shit That Doesn’t Matter

I could write an entire book on this. People spend so much time worry about all the stuff –  tedious stuff – that doesn’t matter.

What matters? The people in our lives.

What doesn’t matter? The list is endless. What matters is what we do in the future. Work on realigning your path rather than dwelling on the past. We have a short life on this earth, so let’s rock it now.

3. Boredom Kills Careers

I beileive that people and companies don’t kill careers. Boredom kills careers.

4. Starting A Business Is Easy

People make it way too complicated. If you have something that someone else wants, and they will pay for, then you have a business.

If you want to start a business, remember: it doesn’t have to be the next biggest thing in the world.

Every business starts with one product, one idea, and a first customer.

5. Learn From Prostitutes

Prostitutes can teach us business and career tips. It’s the oldest known business in the world. Here’s why:

You know where to find them.

You know who they are.

You know what they offer.

You know how much they cost and that you’ll have to pay more to get more.

Is this true for you and your business? Can people find you, like you, test you, and get more?

6. We live in a different world

Things are changing.

It is not about what you know. It’s about what you do, and what you can create.

Imagination is more important the knowledge.

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Author: Shane Mac of Stop With The BS

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