The 10 Most Followable Founders on Instagram

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / July 3, 2013

Dennis Crowley (@dens)Need a little inspiration?  Follow these entrepreneurs for motivation, tips, and an inside look into their lives!

Ben Lerer (@benjlerer)

This CEO of the hip male digital lifestyle brand Thrillist that covers all major American cities, has an instagram is filled with pictures of a cool young guy’s life; interspersed with sports events, funny friend pictures, food and drink pictures (brews included), scenery pictures of NYC, the Hamptons, Vegas, and California, and the pièce de résistance a few shots of a freakin sweet Blue Volkswagen Van.Following his instagram is tagging along in his seemingly awesome journey with him and his wife (who appears in quite a few shots).

Zalmi Duchman (@zalmid)

This bearded entrepreneurial family man started his gourmet health food delivery business, The Fresh Diet, out of his apartment kitchen with his pregnant wife and high school friends in 2005. All of this shows in his instagram, which is exactly why its great. You can see his passions in life that are integrated within his business as well; family, friends, and of course food. His instagram is littered with adorable toddlers, delicious foods, pictures of the Fresh Diet in operation, and those close to him.

Dennis Crowley (@dens)

CEO of FourSquare the NYC location-based social-media website really likes his city, and bikes (including the motorized badass variety). An outwardly outdoorsy guy, he makes it plain in his instagram with pictures of rolling fields, ATVs, marathon running, skiing in Vermont, the kinda guy who owns a GoPro. But hes also the kinda guy who smokes cigars with his wife, plays video games, eats skittles and isnt above taking goofy pictures with his wife and friends, definitely a well-rounded easy-going guy to follow.

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Rameet Chawla (@rameet)

Fueled CEO Rameet’s instagram, like his style, is clean-cut, stylish, and quite frankly on point. All the pictures seem to have been taken consciously, not cropped oddly, many taken at interesting angles with filters that always enhance and give the photo a polished look . All pictures that include him show him to be quite the excursionist; showing him in the UK, Jerusalem, India, Japan, Florida, at Coachella, in Webster Hall, and even in the cockpit of a plane! Besides the assortment of travel photos, there are a ton of artsy mouthwatering foodporn photos (my personal favorite being the line of lobster rolls).

Ben Kaufman (@benkaufman)

His wife, his dog, his business, black and white photos, and beautiful shots of the Big Apple are the star of the CEO of Quirky’s instagram. The dog is adorable to say the least and you really can’t get enough of his cute brown muzzle. But I really do love his shots of the city, and there are a lot of them: a sea of yellow cabs, an out of focus skyline shot of the Empire State building through some window-grating at the WTC (and a handful of other choice skyline shots), the West Village, Midtown, subway pictures, some pigeons, his instagram extensively covers his trip up and down the island metropolis.

Lauren Bush (@laurenbushlauren)

CEO of the philanthropic fashion company FEED takes on projects in hunger-ridden third world countries; when you follow Lauren Bush’s instagram she lets you into her world that is centered around changing the world. Showcasing some of her products on her instagram like (dairy-free AND wheat-free, how health-conscious) cookies made for FEED by Momofuku Milk Bar, a stylish clutch bag, pictures of vendors selling FEED products in their spaces, and quite a few snaps of the original FEED tote. She also has lots of pictures of the events she attends both as a representative of FEED and events she has thrown for FEED, but also some fun things, like a concert in the Bowery Ballroom and a Ralph Lauren show. But of course there are pictures of her hobbies, flowers, food, friends and other favorite things, she has to stencil relaxation somewhere in her schedule!

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Hilary Rowland (@hilaryrowlandnyc)

A powerhouse of success from an early age, and a repeated spot-stealer on attractive CEO lists, has a modest instagram that gives a pretty intimate peek into her life. She does not have any business or work related pictures, not even any of her in her work space! The focus seems to be her personal life:  lots of scenery and pretty spaces, food, pictures of her beau, and some cute animals. Her highly commented/reported on beauty is far from present on her Instagram, only one or two non-selfie snaps; which was honestly a pleasant surprise for me, beautiful people tend social media outlets as an outlet for admiration.

Jess Lee (@jesskah)

CEO of Polyvore has an eclectic extensive instagram that seems to cover every corner of her life. Like many people’s Instagram, food is a star player, but the full gamut of life is covered in her photos: photoshoots, holiday parties and other happenings at Polyvore’s office, hanging out with friends, a monster truck rally, activities abroad, picturesque and unique places, funny costumes, weddings, Four Loko, fashion shows and Comic-Con. If she’s done it, its probably on her Instagram, and thats what makes it so great, no holds barred!

Adriann Wanner (@adriannwanner)

Her travel photos are what make her instagram, not surprisingly considering she is the CEO of a private jet charter service (evoJets). Costa Rica, a Hamptons Wedding, the Phillippines, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, it seems she only goes to breath-taking places, but who could blame her. When its not pictures of the place itself, its pictures of her, family and friends smiling and having a grand old time.

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Alexa Von Tobel (@alexavontobel)

CEO of LearnVest and self-proclaimed lover of people,ideas, and fun in her Instagram bio, her photos show her doing exactly that: enjoying herself by immersing herself in these things. See Alexa with family, see Alexa at an innovation conference, see Alexa with a NYT photographer, see Alexa in Paris, see Alexa on the Today Show, see Alexa gallivanting with friends, playing golf, getting interviewed on the radio, you get the picture. A well-kept visual log of her day-to-day life (including quite a few “Throwback Thursday” pics of her adolescence) with her as the star in most photos.

Written by Mai Garti-Bar of Fueled, a digital product design and development incubator globally recognized for its work in the mobile space.

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