The Best Way To Get And Use Client Testimonials

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As a business owner and entrepreneur, I’m a big believer in getting and using testimonials from my clients in a specific way. Some people, when they read a testimonial about a particular business, don’t entirely trust it. Personally, I think we have been absolutely bombarded by internet marketers that have used testimonials on sub-standard info product the wrong way but if you do use them properly and you use them ethically from real clients that you have helped, they can work really well.

Social Proof

Now, social proof is one of those triggers that marketers talk about all the time. If you can prove that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re not a nightmare to work with via testimonials then you’re one step closer to building that connection with the viewer.

It probably comes as no surprise to you that whilst 78% of people will trust a recommendation from a friend, only 14% will trust an advertisement. It is much easier for a client to trust you when they know of someone else who has a relationship with you, and is better off for the experience. Most people tend to showcase happy clients through the medium of ‘written testimonials’, the main issue with this is that they feel like advertisements. So in the business of building client trust, unfortunately they just don’t carry much weight and can quite often have a negative effect.

Video: Creating Authentic Voice

So what should you do? Our solution is to get rid of all your written testimonials and allow your clients to share their personal stories, on your website, in their own words, through video. If your clients have taken time out of their busy day and thought about what they are going to say about your business to a camera then you know that they mean it. If they have agreed to and taken the time to be filmed, you know that they are happy working with you and want to tell other people about you and your business.

Not only that, but a video offers much more credibility. The spoken word from the client transpires openness and integrity, and indicates a strong client relationship. Your viewers will be able to hear exactly how and what your client thinks of your business – their enthusiasm will come across so much better than through written words. If they really love working with you, it will come across in what they say and their tone of voice, too.

If you sit down and spend some time planning how, where, and why you’re going to film your clients sharing their personal stories and experiences with your business, you will have a much better product with a much better promotional tool.

Best of all, it won’t feel like advertising, because you are showing clients (not tell them) why you’re good at your job.

It is the equivalent of leading a horse to water, but not pouring it down their throat!

James Tsimopoulos is part owner and the Executive Director of Nationwide Business Solutions. He is a Gen Y entrepreneur and investor. His personal goal is to empower, influence and motivate people to reach their full potential and make better choices for themselves and their families’ future by providing advice and service of the highest standards.

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