The Psychology of Results

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In the pell-mell pace of modern living, patience is one “product” running out of stock by the day. Employers, business associates, investors, clients and friends alike, will, without a grain of doubt fall in love with a “Make-it-happen” kind of individual regardless of neither skin color nor age.

The question then naturally arises: How do we become this person – the “Make-it-happen” person? Of course, the answer to that might probably not lie along the lines of personality, or contain particles of agenerous amount intelligence – or at the very least, have anything to do with powerful connections. The crux of this indisputable matter is that it all boils down to this seven-letter word called RESULTS.

Talking about results!

Perhaps the most important law of effectiveness in any level is Action Orientation. That when it comes to goal setting, the best way to set your goals is to define them by the number of implementable activities you’ll have to engage in so as to get to your “promised land.” By activities, I’m obviously talking about the “transport” you’ll have to board to get to the land of your intended results. From waking up an hour earlier, to the number of phone calls and follow-ups to be made, and back to the number of CVs and proposals to be sent. And yes, including the amount of money to be spent. All of the aforementioned are the proverbial building blocks to the establishment of results.

Tangibles vs Intangibles

I have always expressed effectiveness as follows: Tangible Actions equate with tangible results. Intangible Actions = intangible results.

In the world of intangibles, to speak about intangible actions would be to refer to the Planning of events, projects, the thinking, and perhaps the calculation of risks. Parallel to that, would most definitely be Intangible results (the best layout of the plan, the most convenient, and cost effective strategy – or the most fulfilling answer to the path you ought to take).

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On the tangible side of things, one would have to side with me on the fact that the physical involvement to any plan or goal setting holds some power to reap tangible results. The very chair you’re ensconced on at this very moment, the computer screen you’re reading this very article – and how do I forget that smartphone in your pocket. All that, had to go through Intangible Actions (planning, thinking, researching) and Tangible Actions (the dirty work) before you could ultimately call them products. How about that carefully engineered building structure you’re in right now? Same principles apply!

To boil it down to its simplest words … “actions do speak louder than words” in the entire game of the Psychology Of Results. I’m all for planning. I’m all for researching. I’m even all for thinking and seeking the best answers to situations. But ultimately, the market place will only recognize us for the things we’ve produced – NOT what we imagined. One is not entitled to results based on what one has started, but only what has been completed. Consequently, the transition from intangible results (the know-how) to tangible results (achievement) – is implementation.

Simphiwe Makapela is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker on Personal and Organizational Effectiveness and Change, and a contributor in several Publications. Find him on Twitter @SimphiweMakap.

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