How to Find Women as an Entrepreneur

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how to find women as an entrepreneur

We all have our needs. Entrepreneurs are no different but don’t always have the luxury of the office happy hour or meeting someone through a co-worker. Moving home and bootstrapping a business can put a nix in the social life. Especially for many young entrepreneurs who leave the always promising college scene. However entrepreneurs by nature are innovators and think outside the box. Why should sex be any different? Its time to examine where to meet that special someone or maybe just achieve that special night while rocking it out as a young entrepreneur. Lets dive into how to find women as an entrepreneur.

How to Find Women as An Entrepreneur

1. Conferences

A conference does not have to be all business.  You are around thousands of people with the same interests as you! So now you already have something to talk about and you know you will have something in common. You are supposed to be networking anyway so turn those conversations into something more.

Seek opportunity and find out where all of the attendees are staying. Many times there will be 1 or 2 hotels in the area putting everyone up. Find your way back to the hotels or at least the general area. Guaranteed the people at the hotel bar or nearby bars will be there for the conference so strike up some conversation.

2. Hold a Tweet-up

Don’t wait for a meet-up. Make your own situation! The best part about hosting the event is that everyone will meet and know you. This not only lets you talk with everyone but gives a little boost to that aura you give off. Women will like the fact that you are the leader.

Even if your dream girl doesn’t show at the tweet-up it can serve as a good chance to meet people in your area. Make some new friends and get into some new social groups. Before you know it you will be meeting everyone out at a bar and will be introduced to your dream girl through them.

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3. Leverage friends with jobs

The ones who were so (un) fortunate to get jobs probably live in cities. Now it’s time to take advantage of this and go to their office happy hour or meet some of their co-workers.  This works especially well if its in the area your living or the area you are planning on moving to. That makes for easy conversation and it gets you into some social groups for when you make that move.

You will stand out from those friends who work in the corporate world because you are simply a little different then everyone else in the crowd. You will have different things to talk about and the ladies will be interested in your story. Remember your story? A story is not just important for a company’s brand and image but your story can be a huge player in your social life.

4. Coffee shops/Book stores

Here is the true test of your confidence. Approach random women at coffee shops or book stores. Just ask if you can have a seat (best done if they are not already with a guy). It’s great to get out and spend days working in other locations that have wifi so learn to multi task on these trips.

Keep your eyes open. You won’t have an opportunity everyday so don’t worry if you go home empty handed or if you got shut down.  It’s all about the confidence here and the effort that is put in. Try different places and just go for it. Nobody will kill you just because you think they are cute.

5. Gym

The gym is all about staying healthy and in shape. What better place to look for hot girls then where they all go to workout?! So suck it up and make a workout plan. You don’t have to be some crazed meathead but just go for runs and start toning up.

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Try going at different times. You never know who you will bump into. Maybe it will be another gym goer or even an employee. The trainers and girls at the front desks are rarely bad to look at.

The kicker is even if you don’t find a girl here you will improve not only your health but appearance which could very well lead to success in other situations.

6. Hold an Event

Time to really play up the whole young CEO thing. Hold a company event! Put something awesome together for your audience and fans. Work with a trendy bar or restaurant and workout a deal to fill up the place on a Wednesday night. Again you will be the leader who everyone wants to meet and looks up to. Not a bad position to be in. Make sure everyone knows you are the one holding the event. Maybe give a quick speech or presentation welcoming everyone. Use it to connect and network with your audience but keep those eyes open for that special girl.

Want to spice things up? Hire some models to hang out at the event or maybe to serve food/drinks. Guess who will get to meet all the models?

7. Bars

Get out! Hit the town and see what happens. Forget the guys pulling the “I’m a Doctor” or “I’m a stockbroker” lines.” You’re a damn CEO! You run a company big or small it doesn’t matter. Make yourself sound like a million bucks with that awesome story of how you got started and where you are going. The ladies will be pushing those other guys aside before you know it.

Maybe you will bump into someone you know or maybe it will just be your lucky night. It sure as hell won’t happen sitting at home!

8. Friends

Don’t be shy about it. Ask people you know if they have anyone you could meet. Girls love making introductions and setting people up. So utilize any girls you hangout with or your friends girlfriends.

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This is also the time to strike up conversations with girls you know but may never have been great friends with. Get in touch with the ones you know are in your area and see where it leads with their friends or introductions they might come up with.

9. Your school

If you are still only a couple years out good chance there is someone you could dig up in your schools area. Make a trip and stay with them for a few days. Its the type of thing that can’t hurt and you will definitely meet some ladies in a college town. Learn to say you’re a CEO with confidence. College girls are used to meeting guys who dream of being CEO’s but now they will be meeting one who is!

10. Online dating

It’s not a bad thing. Lots of people use it and use it successfully.  Most people on these sites are simply new to the area and looking for people to connect with. Imagine the excitement they will have when they find out that cheesy dating site led them to a rockstar entrepreneur.

You’d be surprised how many nice ladies are looking for someone in that small town of yours.

The end all is confidence. It doesn’t matter if your business has made a dime. You are a CEO so act like it. So many people base success on the size of your wallet but the real success is the fact that you took that risk and are doing your own thing.

The fact that you own your own company will be interesting to girls. It’s a huge talking point! It’s different, adventurous, and sexy. But it all comes down to what you believe. If you believe in yourself and your company you will succeed with women in any of the above situations.

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