Time-Crunched CEO: 5 Apps to Save Your Business Time and Money

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Useful apps for EntreprenuersOne of the most challenging issues facing the CEO of every company is ensuring you are doing your job in the most efficient way possible. While there are a variety of ways to ensure you are always on track, using mobile apps to organize your work and personal life can help keep you on point. Though there are a variety of apps that can help make your life easier, the following 5 apps can save you and your business the most time and money.

Podio (iOS)

Podio is a free mobile app that allows you to create and manage small and large scale projects, so you always know how the project teams within your company are progressing. Podio also makes sharing documents between team members simple, and provides real time feedback as changes are made. Podio also comes with developer options, so you can create a user interface that is fully customizable to your company’s specific needs. It’s a great project management tool that you can check on the go, so get this if you are a CEO who is always on the go.

Google Drive (Android and iOS)

Google Drive is a free application for either Android or iOS that gives you access to all of your files no matter where you are. Whether you want to access documents from your phone, at work or at home, Google Drive keeps you connected. It also makes sharing files between other users easy, so you can stay connected to your employees no matter where work takes you. Google Drive is a must-have app for any CEO, but it’s also great to encourage your employees to get this on their mobile phones and tablets company wide.

CheckMark (iOS)

CheckMark turns your tasks into automated reminders based upon your phones location and the current time. While all settings are fully customizable, most find the location based alerts an invaluable tool for keeping themselves on track. CheckMark is easy to implement, and syncs with your existing calendar during the initial setup. CheckMark does require use of GPS and an internet connection. An ipad sim card from Bell.ca can help ensure CheckMark operates properly on your mobile phone or tablet.

SeatGuru (Android and iOS)

SeatGuru is designed for the traveling business professional. It provides the ability to view available seats prior to purchasing a ticket. SeatGuru can also help you choose the best seat, and its interactive color coded interface can help you determine which seats have the greatest demand and are more likely to be reserved first. Next time you want to get the best seat on a flight, use the SeatGuru app.

CloudOn (Android and iOS)

CloudOn streams the full version of the Microsoft Office Suite directly to your phone. Don’t let mobile versions limit your capability when you can have full access to all of your office files, regardless of your location or situation at the time. CloudOn syncs with file storage programs like Google Drive and Drop Box so you always have access to what matters most.

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