Tips for Snapping up Your Office

by / ⠀Startup Advice / April 9, 2013

1. Get a Good Chair, Your Back Will Thank You.

Sitting down should make you feel relaxed and comfortable, not cause you to turn into a twitching mass of headaches, backaches and neckaches. But if your office chair is no more than a covered cushion on wheels, that’s what you’re headed for. SNAP!office has a great selection of stylish chairs that cradle your, um, ahem, and provide the right support for a healthy posture. (And they still have wheels so you can keep your office hockey team going!)

2. Bright Idea!

Consider adding a task light at your workspace. They come in some pretty snazzy and sleek designs, adding a touch of functional style or color to your desk. But you also can turn it on when you start feeling fatigued for a gentle recharge or to help shed some extra light on those expansive spreadsheets. How’s that for a bright idea?

3. Fun With Fabrics

Fabric is a fast, easy and fun do-it-yourself way to add some personality to a bland or boring office space. Calm down—we’re not talking about reupholstering your office couch. Simply add a tackboard or recover the one you have. Whether you choose hot pink, bold stripes or whimsical swirls, a fabric tackboard like those from SNAP!office lets you add functional style while providing an inviting place to post family photos or important information (such as the cleaning schedule for the office refrigerator).  Wall-mounted versions can double as a piece of art, too!

4. Re-Arrange the Furniture

Changing the layout of your space can make it seem like a whole new office!  Position your desk so you’re facing the door; that way people will always see your fabulous smile when they come in. Or face the windows to soak up as much energizing sunlight as you can. Wherever you put your furniture, make sure it makes sense for you and the flow of your day. (And if you decide a whole new desk is in order, call SNAP!office and let a sales designer show you options for a great new layout.)

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5. What’s Your Soundtrack?

A little background music in your lobby can be just the thing to make clients feel relaxed or happy when they enter your space.  Choose it wisely: Not everyone is a fan of Lady Gaga. And the last thing you want to do is offend or annoy! For your personal space, music can be an instant pick-me-up to get started on a new project. Grab your earbuds, tap your feet and get to it.

About SNAP!office: SNAP!office is the only business office furniture manufacturer offering real-time 3D space design, high-quality products and installation capabilities direct to the market. Their highly efficient “Made in the USA” operation ships furniture in 15 business days or less and comes with white glove delivery, a limited lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

This post is sponsored by SNAP!office.

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