Top 10 Cities for Young Entrepreneurs in 2010

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New York CityRecently Under30CEO ran a poll to find out what the top cities for young entrepreneurs were in the United States. Voters were asked to think about resources, schools, events, climate, and the social scene that a young entrepreneur looks for. The results are in and below we have put together the top 10 cities for young entrepreneurs in 2010.

10. Seattle

Squeezing into the top 10 Seattle makes its mark on the list. Seattle has always been driven by old industrial companies but more recently newer technology and internet companies have begun to call it home. Companies like Amazon and Starbucks call Seattle home with Microsoft, Boeing and Nintendo in nearby communities.

Seattle’s climate while mild year round is still not ideal with lots of rainy and cloudy days. However Seattle’s location in the Northwest gives it a huge advantage in outdoor activities with forests, lakes, oceans and mountains all nearby.

9. Washington DC

DC is an obvious choice for the list with its ideal location to the political scene. Washington has a large number of attractions like the National Mall and countless museums. The area is also home to leading colleges like Georgetown, American and George Mason University. These schools bring a very active social scene to the city which makes it a great spot for young people along with providing numerous resources for start-ups.

8. Portland, OR

Portland has been referred to as the “greenest” or most “environmental friendly” city in the US. Portland has also been growing faster then the average over the past decade showing the increased interest in the city. Portland is a great business location with lower energy costs then the bigger cities and also air, rail and shipping transportation available to any part of the world.

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As with the Northwest cities Portland has a temperate climate and all the outdoor activities one could dream up which makes it great for the upstart adventurer.

7. San Diego

Making an appearance on the list this year in large part due to the climate. San Diego is warm, sunny and dry. The area is also known for its beaches which is a major plus for any young business person.

The city is characterized as wealthy with a major tourism economy. Along with its population (8th largest in US) the city makes an ideal place to build a business.

6. Chicago

Chicago is known as one of leading financial centers in the world making it a truly business minded community. The city is located on the shore of Lake Michigan giving it a unique blend of beaches and a downtown life. One reason for not being higher on the list may be due to its nickname “the windy city”. The city has an active social scene and streets like Michigan Ave will appeal to anyone’s recreation or shopping interests.

5. Denver

“The Mile High City”. Denver is a bustling city high in the Rocky Mountains. The city has a lot to offer a young entrepreneur with its numerous professional sports teams to some of the best ski resorts in the country only a short drive away. The winters are cold but for the skier or snowboarder it becomes the perfect city to build a business and hit the slopes.

4. Boston

Boston has a vibrant college community which has a major impact on the overall city. Colleges like Harvard, MIT, Boston College and others contribute countless jobs and revenue to the city. The schools have also attracted the high-tech industry to the city along with many major companies. The city is home to countless start-ups, incubators and resources to entrepreneurs as many college students take a stab at their own business.

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The cold winters and high cost of living possibly stop Boston from being at the top of the list.

3. Austin

Austin has built a reputation on being the “live music capital of the world”. However Austin has also become a major tech hub with many start-ups and major corporations calling it home in recent years. Many people in Austin experienced the dot-com boom and bust in the late 90s. The city has a great climate and abundant resources as it continues to move forward as a technology hub with much lower costs of living then places like Silicon Valley.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco is near Silicon Valley giving it no choice but to be a major hub for start-ups and high-tech companies. Start-ups like Twitter and Craigslist call San Francisco home along with countless numbers of small companies looking to make it big. The city is a big tourist destination giving the young community plenty to see and do along with many great west coast destinations only a short drive away. Because of the vibrant tech community networking events, conferences and meet-ups are being held consistently giving new companies a chance to network and learn with the best.

1. New York

This year the #1 city for young entrepreneurs is New York City. New York is the largest city in the United States which gives it just about anything a business or young person would want. There is a major social scene in the city where it reigns with the most bars in the country and also countless festivals, meet-ups and social activities.

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The city is one of the leading business centers in the world where things like The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq are housed. In recent years the city has become a thriving place for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. The city is often referred to as Silicon Alley and continues to push forward with its start-up community.

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