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There are not only professional people, who are interested in learning web development and designing, but people are also keen to learn different tactics of this booming industry. Whether they want to get its knowledge for to run a web development business or aspire to get versed it due to their interest, they need a professional guidance. Now, the question arises in front of them that from where to find a reliable source to enhance their knowledge. The best answer for their question is that they should sour the web and look for the best websites to improve their efficiency.

If you are also looking for the best ways to become proficient in web development, then consider this list of the top 10 websites that are engaged in making people learn the best tactics:

Dev Opera

This is perfect destination for the people, who can learn easily with the help of the articles. A wonderful collection of articles based on SVG, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript is available to get acquainted with these technologies. It also provides tutorials on TV, Mobile as well as Add-Ons. Users can also share their own articles with the community.


This website is famous widely and loved everywhere as it contains a plethora of knowledge based on web development that too for free. People can tutorials related to scripting, HTML, CSS styling, PHP and many more. The live editor feature makes it possible for the users to write as well as test the code straightly in the web browser. It also provides an online certification program to get certified in hugely used web technologies.


Enriched with excellent video tutorials based on mobile and web development, it offers an ideal way to learn the web technology. This website comes with different courses that allow you to become an iPhone application developer, Android programme and PHP expert.


As the name makes it clear that the website provides tutorials based on the PHP scripting language. These tutorials enable even a newbie to learn the PHP programming right from its basics to the advanced techniques.


This is the perfect destination, which helps in polishing the web design skills. You can resolve any query based on the cascading style sheets as a complete knowledge base of CSS syntax is available here (with explanations & examples). And, it is absolutely free.


Founded by the Stanford University Students, this website offers knowledge based on the computer science. Multiple courses are offered at very low cost.


There are on-screen exercises on this website that are quite interactive and enable people to learn JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, HTML and many other languages. The courses have been designed in a way that the learning process becomes enjoyable specially at the time of learning complex computer languages. It also makes it possible to interact with the large community of programmers that help you become a better coder.


This is a part of Envato’s Tuts blogs network, which included tutorials based on the website development in a detailed manner. The website is updated regularly with fresh tips, tricks, tutorials and freebies. The membership of this website can be availed at $19/month, but it will be quite cost-efficient, if you compare it with your learning.


This is a portal, which has been powered by popular website Courses for creative and technical development are available. This website has friendly interface and the cost of monthly subscription is $19/month (7 days trial is also offered).


For students to classes, this website provides interactive classes across the globe. Crash courses to learn web designing can also be availed.

Undoubtedly, these are the best platforms to learn web development and design. All you need to decide the best one according to your requirement (PHP, HTML, CSS or any other web development resource).

Andrew Clarke works with EmailChopper as a web developer. In his free time, he loves to write blogs on the different topics of the web development and design industry.

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