Top 60 Career Experts to Follow on Twitter

by / ⠀Personal Branding / January 9, 2013

Looking for a job? Looking for great people to follow on twitter? We have the best of both worlds! Below are 60 of the best career experts to follow on twitter. They all tweet out advice, tools and resources for career seekers on a daily basis. You’ll find everything from great job openings to that little burst of inspiration to keep looking for that perfect fit.

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Lindsey Pollak – Career & workplace expert, LinkedIn spokesperson, Author of Getting from College to Career, Gen Y cheerleader, reader, mom

Anita Bruzzese – columnist/author/freelance editor and writer

Cali Williams – CEO, Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit; 15+ yrs.making work+life flexibility part of biz strategy; MBA; Author; Fast Company expert blogger; Forbes Top 100

Alexandra Levit – Workplace author, speaker, columnist, and consultant. Helping people succeed in meaningful jobs and building relationships between organizations and top talent.

J.T. O’Donnell – Founder of | CEO of | Host of CAREEREALISM TV | Nationally syndicated career/workplace author for Hearst Corp.

Tory Johnson – Women For Hire CEO; Spark & Hustle Champion; Good Morning America Workplace Contributor.

Dr. Woody – I’m an Organizational Psychologist, Author, & Media Personality doing my part to make your work life better & help you find your way in the New Economy!

Nicole Emerick – Senior Social Media Strategist. Love reading, digital marketing and Chicago. Newlywed, dog lover and founder of MsCareerGirl.

Jenny Blake – Author of Life After College (2011). Blogger. Coach. Football Fanatic. Coffee Addict. Yoga Lover/Teacher. Dessert Fiend. Gadget Freak. Personal Growth Obsessed.

Jacquelyn Smith – I write about jobs, careers, workplace issues and all things leadership for

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