Top 8 Project Management Tools That Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

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Entrepreneurs have some great ideas and plans which need to be better planned, organized and executed. Only then these can lead to intended and desired gains. But their smooth implementation gets affected by various problems, issues and other internal and external factors which can create confusion and chaos, upset plans, cause delays or even cause their failure. And a plan’s failure results in loss of time, money and other resources. Moreover, it can cause a premature end to an entrepreneur’s dream and ambition.

But such losses can be avoided and business plans and projects can be better planned, organized and executed through more sophisticated solutions which will increase their chances of success as well as fulfill entrepreneurs’ dreams and aspirations.

These solutions are the web based project management tools which will enable better planning and organization over projects and plans and help in their organized, orderly and scheduled execution. They help in prompt identification of problems and issues being faced in plans and projects and enable their timely and effective resolution. Through these, the communication among team members gets improved phenomenally. Tasks can be better assigned to team members and executed in a scheduled and organized manner. Team members are more accountable for their tasks. This also enhances their efficiency.

Apart from these, there are so many other benefits which these tools bring to entrepreneurs and make management of business plans and projects a much smooth affair as well as contribute immensely towards their success.

We are providing you here with a list of 8 project management tools that will allow better management over projects and plans and enable their smooth execution. Entrepreneurs can go through these, review and test them and choose the best solution keeping in mind their unique needs and interests.

1. Basecamp

This application happens to be the frontrunner among project management applications. It enables effective management over projects by allowing users to keep all their discussions, tasks, files, schedules and other pertinent project information in a single centralized place. Its dashboard helps to keep people updated about new activities happening in projects. Accessibility of respective members’ to various project areas can be easily controlled. It offers various integrations with third party tools for mobile, time tracking, invoicing, accounting besides others.

2. ProofHub

This project management software impresses with its ease of use and effective functionality. It enables better communication and collaboration among team members who are often based in different parts of the world. They can discuss matters fast and resolve them quickly which enhances their efficiency. Its mobile feature helps users to stay connected with their projects and plans even on the go. Tasks can be better defined, assigned, executed and controlled. Time spent over them can be precisely documented and tracked. Its Gantt chart feature precisely gauges and critically analyzes a project’s progress. Sub tasks can be easily created out of tasks for effective task management. It also provides labeling facility which enables better categorization, identification and filtering of tasks through labels.

3. Asana

This enterprising tool focuses on enabling teamwork without the use of emails. It helps to improve a team’s efficiency by putting their ideas, files, plans, conversations and tasks together, so they can achieve more at work by putting in least effort. Projects and teams can be better organized with its use. There is effective task management. Team members remain adequately updated about important activities happening. It significantly improves communication among team members and they can work with more flexibility. It helps to achieve important milestones and goals through better visualization of them.

4. Trello

This application enables better organization over work, projects and plans in an easy and fast manner. Its interface is quite easy to learn and use. Group members can better communicate and collaborate through it and they remain updated about activities happening in real time. Individuals need not use emails for communicating with each other. Tasks can be better assigned, managed and executed. Project activities can be flexibly managed and precisely tracked. This tool functions through cards which are used for documenting important information. It secures user data. It allows users to create their own plugins and apps.

5. Wrike

This project management solution enables team members to work more efficiently and collaboratively in a fast and flexible manner. Tasks can be better scheduled, prioritized and discussed upon. These can be easily created from emails. Progress over projects can be tracked in real time. All important tasks, ideas, discussions and other relevant information can be readily accessed. Its other enterprising features including activity streams, Gantt charts and templates improve productivity over work besides saving time. This safe and secure application facilitates better planning, organization and tracking over projects and plans. It features some great integrations with IBM, Gmail and Dropbox besides other applications.

6. Podio

This enterprising tool helps team members to better communicate and collaborate with each other at work. This helps them to execute their tasks in an organized and flexible manner and improves their efficiency. Its users operate through work spaces in which they can create variety of apps as per their need and interests and use them for better executing their work. These customizable apps impart flexibility and power to Podio users. Its other useful features are file sharing, task management, commenting, likes, activity streams besides others

7. Teamwork

This utilitarian tool enables better organization and enhances productivity at work. A business can better collaborate with its team members and with its clients. It saves time, cost and effort as a business need not indulge in unnecessary meetings over work. Team members can work together from anywhere in the world. It improves accountability at work and enables effective time management. Its lock-down feature grants controlled privacy to individuals to access various tasks and other important items. There is better task, file and project management. Gantt chart is also there for perfect tracking and analysis over projects.

8. AtTask

This project management tool employs social collaboration for better communication and collaboration between team members over work related matters. This enhances members’ performance through enterprise work management. A business’s clients can submit customized requests which get processed fast and in a prioritized manner. Team members’ work requests are stacked in a single place which can be easily viewed and compared. This makes it easy to know if they are working in a desired and timely manner. Work gets conducted in a smooth and hassle free manner and projects and tasks get approved quite automatically. Team management, time tracking, dashboards and report building are some of the prominent features of this rich application.

These tools will bring a remarkable turnaround in entrepreneurs’ fortunes through better organization and implementation of their plans and projects. So they need to go through these, review and test them and choose the one that best suits their needs and fulfills their interests. We wish them all the best!

Sharon is the marketing and business manager who writes on themes related to project management software. Through her writings, she guides people on how to use technology for improving their productivity and efficiency over work and how they stand to gain from the use of project management solutions.

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