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Lifeproof iPhonThe iPhone is one of the most important tools in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. Contacts, finances and maybe even your product are all stored within the mobile device. At the Fueled Collective, our shared office space in NYC, entrepreneurs carry cases that match what they need.

In order to keep your iPhone safe, we’ve compiled a list of the top cases for different types of entrepreneurs.

For the Work from Home Entrepreneur: Slip Stopper

While not your traditional case, the Slip Stopper is unique and effective. Simply apply the gel skin to the front and back of your iPhone and you can literally stick it to a window. No more putting your phone on the arm of your chair and having it crash to the floor at the slightest touch. Slip Stopper also keeps the phone secure in your hand while on a call. It is a great alternative to those who do not want a full shell case.

For the Bike to Work Entrepreneur: iCarry-Bike S

The case mounts securely to your handlebars and can rotate to either portrait or landscape display. Those features are nothing new, but here’s where the iCarry stands out: it amplifies your phone’s volume. Wearing headphones while riding your bike is dangerous, and stupid. This case negates the need for headphones so you can freely listen to music or a phone call while still being aware of your surroundings while pedaling through the streets.

For the Hands-Free Entrepreneur: ZeroChroma

ZeroChroma offers a unique case complete with multipurpose kickstand. Whether you want your phone to stand vertically, horizontally or just be slightly raised, these cases can do it all. Depending on your preference, you can go for extra sleek or ultra protective. It is the ultimate iPhone case for entrepreneurs who need to multitask while on a call, or watching a movie.

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For the All-in-One Entrepreneur: Twelve South BookBook

You have your iPhone in one pocket, wallet in another and keys in a third. It’s time to free up some space in those jeans. There are plenty of cases that act as an iPhone holder and wallet in one, but the coolest has to be the Twelve South BookBook. It looks like a leather-bound book that would make Ron Burgundy proud. Open it up and your phone is securely held on the right while the left side features slots for your cards and licenses and a pocket to hold cash. It’s not only unique, but very practical as well.

For the Constant Communication Entrepreneur: Morphie Juice

Between investors, customers, and the media, you’re on the phone a lot and it kills your battery in what seems like mere minutes. Morphie Juice Packs are the best protective cases that acts as an extra battery. The top model will provide more than 120% additional battery life. That’s a lot of extra phone calls home to mom – oops – we mean to investors.

For the Overprotective (or Klutzy) Entrepreneur: LifeProof

Whether you have a bad habit of dropping it or simply can’t risk anything happening to your iPhone, LifeProof is for you. Water, dirt and snow will not penetrate or damage your phone when it is securely stored in this case — you can even swim with your phone, but we still don’t recommend it. The military grade shock protection will help your phone survive a drop of up to six and a half feet. Should you need something with more protective power than this, you should probably rethink the industry you’re in.

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By: Brandon Smith of Fueled, mobile app developers in NYC

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