Top Military Leaders in Washington DC; What We Can Learn from Them

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Entrepreneurs tend to have a pretty turbulent journey filled with hurdles and unexpected challenges. It’s pretty common for many aspiring entrepreneurs to give up midway because they are unable to figure out a way to move forward. But if you study more about the top military leaders in Washington, you will realize how to get out of even the trickiest situation without backing down.

Yes, there’s a lot that one can learn from military leaders. For instance, when deployed in Afghanistan, the US army general has only one thing in mind. He wanted to devise the best possible plan of attack, and he understood that he couldn’t manage the trait alone. Hence, he invested in a strong and reliable team comprising people who shared his vision. This is the hallmark of a true leader.

What do you learn from it? Yes, as a leader, it’s vital to realize when you need a team to achieve your goals. And this is just one example. There are many other top military leaders in Washington that teach us a lot more.

Top Military Leaders In Washington: What You Should Know About Them

Think about it. Who faces more challenges, unpredictable situations, and obstacles than military leaders? They have to constantly change their strategies based on the actions of the opposing side. Hence, if you have to learn how to remain steadfast in your resolve despite the looming threats, you don’t have to look far. The top military leaders in Washington serve as the perfect inspiration.

Want to know more? Here are some of them that can teach you quite a lot of valuable lessons that will help you get ahead in your entrepreneurial journey.

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George Washington

The name really needs no introduction. He was a general in the continental army. And if there’s one lesson you can learn from him, it’s that no matter what the situation is, you must always trust your core team.

Do you know that the continental army comprised less than 35000 men and merely one-third of them were under George Washington’s command? Yet, when the situation arose, Washington did not back down and successfully subdued Great Britain’s army.

So this is what you must follow in your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t think that if you have a large team, you will eventually be successful. Instead, try to get yourself a team with trustworthy people who will follow your lead. Nothing can stop you, then!

Winfield Scott

This is another great example of a top military leader in Washington. He was the general-in-chief U.S. army. And his motto was to never compromise!

He paid exquisite attention to military appearance and discipline. Irrespective of the situation, he believed in keeping his team focused on the goal. He wasn’t affected by what the people said about him. The result? His plan, which was later adopted by Lincoln, led to victory in the war.

Robert E. Lee

Though a contentious figure in the US, he eventually led the entire Confederate armies. He held high regard for his duty.

So what do you learn from him? If you respect your employees, they will treat you the same. Optimal productivity is only possible when your team is happy. And if you ensure that your team is satisfied with you, they will not stop at anything. They will consider it their duty to abide by your vision.

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Ulysses S. Grant

Another general in the U.S. army who taught us never to give up! Yes, he was a human who made mistakes. But the difference is that he learned from them. It was his drive and resolution that set him apart from the rest.

His belief was that every failure was a lesson. And this is what you must follow too. A leader isn’t someone who makes no mistakes. But how you move past these mistakes and learn from them defines your leadership skills.

George S. Patton

He, too, was a general in the U.S. Army and enjoyed a profound reputation as a gifted mind. He was known for his energy and was particularly famous for being blunt. He led his men through quite challenging situations to relieve Bastogne in 1944.

And this is precisely what leadership is all about! Do not back down during hardships, and lead your team to greatness! You must push your team to progress not only for the benefit of your company but to further their career too!

¬†Lewis b. ‘Chesty’ puller

He was the lieutenant general in U.S. Marine Corps. And what do we learn from him? One must stay positive even when the situation seems hopeless. He led the marines in nearly 19 campaigns, and his encouragement played a vital role in the success of all.

Whenever you face a challenge, losing your nerves will not let you move forward. Therefore, a leader must stay calm and positive. Only then will his team get the strength to move forward.

Seek Inspiration from the Top Military Leaders in Washington and Many More

We have merely mentioned a few of the top military leaders in Washington who can be an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Of course, there are many more. And it’s not just military leaders. You can learn so much from success stories all around you. Indeed, even men who have been to jail and then turned their life around can teach you a thing or two about entrepreneurship.

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As an entrepreneur, you have to focus on learning. Of course, you cannot copy the pathway of others, but the success stories can give you valuable lessons on how you should be moving forward.

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