VoRide: ride-sharing app set for expansion

by / ⠀News Technology / March 19, 2024
Ride-Sharing Expansion

VoRide, the ride-sharing app from Deland in Volusia County, Florida — is set to expand its operations from April 8. This move follows its recent success and will bring its unique transportation solution to a larger market. The forthcoming expansions aim to improve commuting options in additional territories, ensuring VoRide’s commitment to superior ride-sharing services.

VoRide’s growth strategy envisions welcoming Debary, Deltona, and Orange City into its fold. This move marks a significant step in broadening VoRide’s operational influence, and the expansion is also anticipated to stimulate the local economies of these cities.

VoRide’s distinctive offering includes a door-to-door transit service, charging a fair $2 per person per journey within a specified region. The company’s use of advanced technologies like real-time tracking and AI-powered route optimization ensures top-notch service delivery for all passengers. Its services extend beyond passenger transport to deliveries within its operational region, maximizing operational efficiency.

VoRide plans to introduce a one-dollar discounted fare for children

Aiming for increased inclusivity, VoRide plans to introduce a one-dollar discounted fare for children, senior citizens aged 65 and above, and people with disabilities. The company intends to make its services more accessible to those who might find regular fares steep. The pricing strategy is expected to impact the transportation options of positively marginalized groups.

The company enjoys a highly positive user reception with an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars from over a hundred journey reviews. Users have applauded the smooth interface and enriched user experience. Swift and patient responses from the support team have also been admired, underlining the company’s commitment to excellent customer service.

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Potential users are keenly anticipating the service expansion. They can reserve a ride through the VoRide app or the company’s direct phone line. More information on the service will be shared following the expansion.

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