5 Strategies to Grow Your Web Design Agency

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Growing a web design agency does take lots of work. However, following these five steps can help significantly increase your profit margins.

After successfully starting a web design agency and getting a few happy customers, many companies usually get trapped inside a comfort zone.

But why should you stop looking for ways to grow? Growing a web design business does take lots of work. However, if done properly, it can help significantly increase your profit margins.

In this post, we’re sharing five simple strategies for growing your web design agency.

1. Write a great web design proposal.

Having a well-structured web design proposal will definitely make a good impression on potential clients and increase your chances of getting the job.

A web design proposal is an agreement between you and potential clients. Its purpose is to create a detailed roadmap for the project that both parties will be able to refer to.

Whether you decide to use a website proposal template or write it from scratch, your proposal should include the following elements:

  • problem overview, where you show the potential customer an issue their business is facing;
  • proposed solution, where you will show what you’ll be delivering and how you think you can solve the client’s problem;
  • schedule, where you will explain how your workflow will operate within a certain timeframe;
  • price quote, where you will show a comprehensible breakdown of costs and a total.
  • about us and contact info, where you will showcase the talents, their fields of expertise and explain why the client should choose your services.
    • You can also add a brief portfolio, as well as social media links and testimonials from past clients.

2. Develop a solid marketing strategy.

Without a solid marketing strategy, people interested in web design services won’t even know you exist.

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According to studies, companies that want to scale should allocate about 40% of their annual gross revenue to their marketing budget.

Luckily, the marketing opportunities available to you are virtually endless and include both online and in-person methods, such as SEO, social media, cold emailing, paid advertising, networking meetups, trade shows, and printed advertising.

Of course, not all of these marketing options will suit your business, and some will have better ROI than others. However, if you’re not afraid to experiment and try a few different tactics, you will soon find the ones that are the best fit.

3. Create great content.

Nowadays, content marketing costs less than more traditional forms of marketing, and if done properly, it generates more leads.

Great content not only gives you something valuable to share on social media but is also your ticket to a better rank in the SERPs.

If you’re looking to attract better-paying clients, more exciting projects, and dominate your industry, you can choose from a number of marketing copy possibilities including blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, how-to guides, brochures, and webinar content.

4. Build a customer referral program.

Consider incentivizing past clients to recommend your services to others.

Having a referral system in place can put you in a network of quality customers. They’ll come to you highly recommended and with instant trust.

At its most basic form, you will need to set up a page for your customer referral program and track everything manually by asking potential customers how they found you.

Be sure to keep things simple, without any complications or weird conditions for commission. Don’t forget to provide referrers with information about what makes your agency great, including web copy that they can use on their website, print materials, etc.

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You can reward your former customers for referring you by offering discounted rates or commission and making sure to make “payouts” easy. For instance, you can send follow-up email reminders for referrers to claim their rewards after their projects have been completed.

5. Provide outstanding customer service.

As you might already know, unhappy clients typically result in an unfavorable word-of-mouth reputation and negative reviews. Of course, these can seriously hurt your business.

Similarly, people who are considering using your services will check your reviews on social media or Google My Business. As a result, they will be instantly put off they see that others have had poor experiences with your agency.

On the other hand, outstanding customer service will result in positive customer reviews.

You’ll garner a solid reputation and referrals that result in more quality work. It can help set you apart from the competitors who aren’t giving priority to it. It can help ensure your agency upholds high standards in reliability and professionalism.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, growing a web design agency isn’t always easy.

However, your efforts will pay off as you get more customers, offer them high-quality services, and establish a reputation for your agency. Likewise, by implementing the above-listed strategies, your business should witness significant growth in no time.

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