25 Business Resolutions to Use This Year

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It’s a new year and it’s time for big things! This is not the time to make resolutions like everyone else does. This is the time to make a commitment and a plan to stay ahead of the game and achieve what you want from your business! It doesn’t matter if 2009 was a great or a horrible year. 2010 is here and you have to keep pushing forward until you reach your ultimate goals.

If your not on the list below leave a comment with your resolution. It’s a whole new year and the world is at your finger tips! Go get it!

1. “We are gearing up for 2010 and one big resolution we have made is to have our customers speak for us and with us — at conferences, in the press, on our website and within their own companies. Our customers are thrilled with our offerings, and more than happy to recommend us, but we need to get their word out. 2010 is when we want to do it in a big way!” – Manikandan Balasubramanian, Dolcera.com

2. “Advertise on Onewed.com since I specialize in Honeymoon Packages and Honeymoon Registry, as well as other travel.” – Cheryl Echevarria,  Echevarriatravel.com

3. “Because most of our customers are searching for us in either Japanese or Chinese we realized that we need to write more blog entries and post up more information in Japanese and Chinese to do better on search engines.” – Dan Ednie, globalhearttours.com

4. “In the next year, I hope to stay on top of my billing.  I often get so caught up in work for clients that I get behind on my work, and invoices get pushed to the wayside; in 2010, I want to set a date each month to handle invoices, and get this work done on schedule for a change!” – Ansley Meredith, Energizedmediarelations.com

5. “In 2010 my companies are only doing business with people that are nice.  I know this sounds a little out there, but my companies touch our customers a lot once they commit to doing business with us, so dealing with people who don’t do what they say they are going to do, or who don’t have a genuinely good spirit, are more trouble then they’re worth and we’re not going to do business with them.” – Heather Logrippo, DistinctiveHomesOnline.com

6. “We resolve to give back generously through our newly launched foundation by funding telemedicine programs to teach surgeons in less developed countries the most innovative reconstructive surgery techniques.” – Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group

7. “Bill clients as I go along and do not wait until the project is complete” – Gail Rosen, gailrosencpa.com

8. “Reach into Japan, India and China markets with the reQall service. Have unparalleled ease of use for reQall on iPhone and Blackberry Continue to build great communication with our customers via getsatisfaction.com, twitter and facebook.” – N. Rao Machiraju, reqall.com

9. “To create a ‘BE DiFFERENT or be dead’ strategy for my business that provides a clear, relevant and compelling reason why people should by my services and not my competition’s.” – Roy Osing, brillianceforbusiness.com

10. “My resolution this year is to be more organized. Also, going to try to remain focused on a small set of goals and make sure I work towards them, rather than having a disparate set of unrelated goals.” – Zak Tanjeloff, NeartoHere.me

11. “I will be aggressively pursuing radio show clients. I hope to improve the quality of financial radio. In addition, I will use value investing techniques I have learned and make 2010 the best year of returns yet!” – Naresh Vissa, thewallstreetshuffle.com

12. “One of our biggest problems is sitting on inventory so in 2010 we are changing our way of purchasing. We are going to deal with manufactures direct in order to get bigger discounts and are going to be stocking fewer lines. We don’t need to be walmart and have everything we just need to have the speciality items.” – Jordan Cherrington, livefishdirect.com

13. “In 2010 I intend to improve my business by becoming a better and more communicative leader with my co-founders as well as those who work for us. I will also save time daily to read from the stack of business/mgmt books I have on my desk, as they always inspire and improve my work – they just need to be read!” – Sabina Ptacin, collective-e.com

14. “Our 2010 goal is to transform mid-level investment bankers’ outlook on how to successfully build a career in finance. No longer is the only option to work 90 hours a week to gain valuable experience. You too can make an attractive living, take back control of your life, and pursue life’s other personal and philanthropic pursuits.” – Nick Leopard, accordionpartners.com

15. “My business resolution is to focus more on winning by defining it clearly so everyone in the organization knows what it looks like for them as well as for the whole, by pausing each week to take a moment and consider where my time and energy is being spent, and aligning my time and energy to getting to where we want to go (instead of being  diverted by all the noise around us).” – Holly G. Green, TheHumanFactor.biz

16. “Our #1 initiative in 2010 is to grow revenue by focusing on sales. That is followed closely by getting profitable. In this environment, you can’t count on users, pageviews, traction, or press to sustain a company.” – Mike Alfred, brightscope.com

17.  “Integrating/supporting new team members (SimpliFi is aggressively growing its team in 1Q). Telling our primary marketing story (the powerful benefits of financial planning) across all marketing channels.” – Bryan Link, simplifi.net

18. “To increase my productivity in 2010, I’m implementing a self-auditing system where I ask myself a series of simple questions. Is the task I’m doing right now a productive use of my time? Is there a faster way? Is this task administrative [stop: delegate right away], unnecessarily repetitive [stop: create automatic system], or will these actions add to my bottom-line [stop: find ways to optimize, blanket efforts]?” – Teena Rose, resumetoreferral.com

19. “Will attend at least one business related event each week with a focus on in-person networking, and the goal of building quality referral relationships based on trust and by offering help to others first as is recommend in the book, “I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???”  Am also going to try to continue to do at least 5 favors each week for people in my circle of connections and within my groups on LinkedIn. :)” – Sandy Jones-Kaminski, belladomain.com

20. “Get on Oprah and give away $1,000,000 to 100 graduating college seniors. Sell 3,000 Real World 101 Care Packages. Have 5 corporate sponsors.” Patricia Hudak, RealWorld101.org

21. “At the beginning of the new year we resolve to have a really  live launch party and series of launch events. We resolve to integrate offline events for our online community. We resolve to streamline and refine our social media strategy. We resolve to broker 2 million dollars worth of exchanges for startups/small businesses.” – Sekai, bandywagon.org

22. ” In 2010, I commit to staying to true what inspired us to create Audiolife as well as having the guts to put myself out there as a leader for artists and musicians around the world. I want to focus on creating deeper relationships with our artists and their fans while educating them – and create some disruption in the industry – on Web-based alternatives to custom promotion, manufac­turing and distribution.” – Brandon Hance, Audiolife

23. “For 2010 my business resolutions will include focusing my company on refining my online English training services product for specific markets globally. I will also spend a lot of time on growing in markets that are currently under serviced with access to high quality English language services.” – Marc Anderson, TalktoCanada.com

24. “It would have to be to continually grow our business organically and make sure we’re aligning ourselves with the right partners; meaning avoid being suckered into the “right now” instead of the “right way”.  I think with any startup company, you have to be realistic with your company’s goals/mission or you’ll fall short of expectations.” – Casey Arisohn, Radii Footwear

25. “We will continue to improve our content so young entrepreneurs will be more inspired and more successful then ever. We also want to dig deeper and improve our networking and activity in the young entrepreneur community.” – Jared & Matt Under30CEO.com

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