What We Can Learn in Business from Mike Wazowski

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Mike Wazowski

Who here is a Pixar fan? They have so many memorable movies, who could pick a favorite? From Toy Story to Up, there are many choices. But, a fan favorite that is still popular to this day is Monster’s Inc. The animated film takes place in a world where monsters have to scare kids as a part of their job as well as the creation of their energy. In a film about friends, family, and the corrupt practices of a big business, it is the characters that we have a soft spot for. Of course, one of them is none other than the myopic Mike Wazowski.

All About Mike Wazowski

In the movie, Mike works at the same company that produces energy (made from the screams of children) for the city. His friend Sully is one of the “scarers” while Mike assists Sully. Mike has the dream that he will become a scarer one day too.

In the prequel film Monster’s University, Mike took scare classes but was dismissed by the headmaster when he was told that he was not scary.

While this sounds depressing, it does have a happy ending in the end. However, watching Mike’s journey in both films can actually teach you a lot about business. So let’s get started!

Talent Cannot Be Taught

In Monster’s University, Mike is a straight-A student, but the headmaster wants scary-looking monsters. Mike is a big-eyed, clumsy, and goofy little monster. He just simply is not a scary monster. Even with good teachers and learning practices, sometimes you just don’t have the talent for it.

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Business is the same way. When you are a manager looking to hire, you want the ones who can do the job, not the ones who dream about doing the job. There are going to be people out there who simply just not understand it. That is perfectly okay. You just have to sift through to find the right kind of people.

Everyone Needs Tough Love

The audience is supposed to cheer Mike on as he tries to become a scarer. One can admire the drive and passion Mike has to make his dreams come true. However, he is still the least scary monster on campus. That’s when the headmaster comes along and gives Mike a hard dose of reality.

We all have seen people in our life like Mike. They have a huge drive and passion for something, but they just can’t do it. That’s why a person like the headmaster in the movie is needed. That tough love is to help the person. Consulting them is key because while they may not be able to do their dream job, there is going to be something for them that is similar, they just need to find it.

Everyone Has a Place in the World

While Mike is depressed about failing the scare program, he does make an impact on campus. Creating friends with misfits and even joining a fraternity. Mike does well to highlight the strengths of others through leadership and motivation.

Mike would not have known of these talents and gifts if he was never kicked out of the scarer program. Everyone on this planet has a place where they belong. Even you. You just have to find where it is. It may even be somewhere totally unexpected.

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As a hiring manager, you may have a lot of respect for those who have that drive, even if they are not suited for the position you are filling out. Regardless, later on, they may find that perfect place and you will feel better for not hiring them.


While we all want the happy Hollywood ending there Mike Wazowski graduates as a top scarer, but that does not happen. Instead, it gives us a healthy dose of real life. It is an important message for children to learn about.

Hard work and a good work ethic can be all you need, but it can also be not enough. You may have all the heart, drive, thrill, excitement, and passion for something, but sometimes, it is just not your right fit. It’s like trying to put a triangle shape through the circle hole.

Mike did everything he could to become a scarer and failed. Instead, he took his experiences and his skills and applied them somewhere else. If you have seen Monster’s Inc, then you know that he has success. While he is not a scarer, Mike does work with them and formed many friendships and skills along the way.

The same can be done for you. For every failure you have, examine what happened and figure out how you can apply that next time. So, for all you Mikes out there, get going!

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