Women’s Sports: Angel City FC Founder Sees Unprecedented Opportunity

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Angel City - Women's Sports: Angel City FC Founder Sees Unprecedented Opportunity

Women’s sports are gaining unprecedented momentum. Angel City FC is leading the charge. Founded by veteran investor Kara Nortman, this Los Angeles-based women’s soccer team is making waves in the industry. With a vision to create a virtuous cycle of support, investment, and growth, Angel City FC is poised to revolutionize women’s sports and create a lasting impact.

The Rise of Women’s Sports

In recent years, women’s sports have seen a tremendous surge in popularity and recognition. The NCAA women’s basketball championship shattered viewership records, attracting a staggering 9.9 million viewers. The WNBA’s audience has grown by nearly 70% from the previous year. FIFA, the international governing body for soccer, sold the broadcast rights to the Women’s World Cup separately from the men’s for the first time, highlighting the increasing demand for women’s sports.

Kara Nortman: A Champion for Women’s Sports

At the forefront of this revolution is Kara Nortman, a veteran investor and the co-founder of Angel City FC. Nortman’s journey from the world of tech investing to women’s sports began at the Women’s World Cup Finals in 2015. Inspired by the passion and talent on display, Nortman felt a deep connection to the game and a desire to contribute to its growth.

A Vision for Growth

Nortman’s vision for Angel City FC goes beyond creating a successful soccer team. She aims to establish spaces where fans can show their support and actively engage with women’s sports. In March, Nortman launched the Monarch Collective, a $100 million fund dedicated to investing in women’s sports. This fund will not only provide financial support but also help create a sustainable ecosystem around women’s sports, including content creation, merchandise, and more.

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The Virtuous Cycle

Nortman’s business pitch for women’s sports centers around the concept of a “virtuous cycle.” As more people show up and care about women’s sports, they become active consumers of content and merchandise, driving further growth and revenue. Nortman believes that the potential for value creation in women’s sports is immense, with the current global revenue totaling less than a billion dollars, compared to half a trillion on the men’s side.

Angel City FC: Making an Impact

Angel City FC is not just a soccer team; it’s a movement. The team’s dedication to creating a positive impact extends beyond the field. Angel City FC has made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization and the broader community. By embracing a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, Angel City FC aims to break down barriers and empower individuals to reach their full potential.

A Historic Moment: Equal Pay and World Cup Dreams

The fight for equal pay has been a pivotal moment in women’s sports, and the USWNT (U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team) has been at the forefront of this battle. With their historic contract securing equal pay, the USWNT has not only made strides in addressing gender disparities but has also changed the tournament experience. The upcoming Women’s World Cup holds even greater significance as the USWNT aims for a three-peat, a feat never achieved by any team, men’s or women’s.

The Road Ahead

As Angel City FC continues to pave the way for women’s sports, the future looks promising. The team’s commitment to investing in women’s sports and creating a sustainable ecosystem sets a precedent for other organizations to follow. With the support of passionate fans, forward-thinking investors, and dedicated athletes, women’s sports are poised to reach new heights of success.

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1. How can I support Angel City FC?

You can show your support for Angel City FC by attending their matches, purchasing merchandise, and engaging with their content on social media. By actively participating in the fan community, you contribute to the growth and visibility of women’s sports.

2. Is Angel City FC affiliated with any other organizations?

Angel City FC is an independent women’s soccer team based in Los Angeles. However, they collaborate with various partners, sponsors, and community organizations to amplify their impact and promote the growth of women’s sports.

3. How can I get involved in women’s sports?

There are numerous ways to get involved in women’s sports. You can start by attending local women’s sports events, supporting women’s teams and athletes, and spreading awareness about the importance of gender equality in sports. Additionally, you can consider volunteering or coaching in women’s sports organizations to make a direct impact.

4. What is the significance of the virtuous cycle in women’s sports?

The virtuous cycle refers to a self-reinforcing cycle of support, investment, and growth. In the context of women’s sports, it signifies that as more people show up and engage with women’s sports, the demand for content, merchandise, and other related products and services increases. This, in turn, leads to greater revenue and investment opportunities, fostering the growth and development of women’s sports.

5. How has the fight for equal pay impacted women’s sports?

The fight for equal pay in women’s sports, exemplified by the USWNT’s historic contract, has brought significant attention to gender disparities and the need for equal opportunities and recognition. This milestone has not only elevated the status of women’s sports but also inspired other athletes and organizations to advocate for equitable treatment and compensation.

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6. What are the future goals of Angel City FC?

Angel City FC aims to continue investing in women’s sports and expanding its impact. The team is dedicated to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equality within the organization and the broader community. They aspire to create a lasting legacy and inspire future generations of athletes to pursue their dreams in women’s sports.


Angel City FC is at the forefront of the revolution in women’s sports. With a visionary founder, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a drive to create a virtuous cycle of support and growth, Angel City FC is making a lasting impact. As fans, supporters, and stakeholders, we have the opportunity to contribute to the success of women’s sports and shape the future of the industry. Let us rally behind Angel City FC and join the movement towards a more inclusive and equitable sporting landscape.

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