Zuckerberg, Dorsey, & Rose: America Needs Entrepreneurship

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Google, Apple, Wal-Mart and many other widely known and successful ventures have immensely shaped the United States economy. Many may not agree, but the impact that these giant corporations have embedded on Americans has lowered the unemployment percentage dramatically. By creating new jobs and opening innovative opportunities that are beneficial to this country’s expansion, large companies have been able to deliver prosperity to many all across the nation. Nevertheless, there millions without full-time work and are struggling keeping their family in a balanced and stable standard of living. In order for the U.S economy to arise out of the pit of devastation, entrepreneurs need to emerge and create jobs accordingly therefore decreasing the unemployment rates.

It has been due to this declining economy that the number of unemployed people has dramatically increased. As the U.S slowly recuperates from what some may have called “The Great Recession”, the debate regarding the need for more jobs comes up more and more as the weeks progress. The only approach that will bring this country out of such a detrimental state of national debt is by emerging talented people that are willing to bring this country back on track. Interestingly enough, there are approximately 25 million unemployed or underemployed people in the U.S. Jobs are the vital national priority at the moment, and that number will only increase if this country does not change its actions. It has been widely believed that “There will be no meaningful job creation without economic growth – and most experts are now predicting that America can expect only 1 to 1.5 percent annual growth through 2013” (Balboni). If this country desires more than that specified percentage, action has to be taken by a keen and dedicated multitude.

These committed individuals will be the future that brings forth leadership, creativity, and divergent thinking. A businessperson mindset can be achieved by anyone; everyone possesses the ability to be an entrepreneur and this country needs notable people that have the aptitude for strategic thinking and the ability to generate employment. Author Michael Gerber states that “It is the way entrepreneurs function in the real world that enables them to pursue untold business opportunities and then manifest their abilities to create successful ventures” (13).  By creating effective and prosperous businesses, entrepreneurs are able to produce various positions for those who are in the verge of vagrancy.

Risk and failure are correlated with entrepreneurship. Jack Dorsey, founder and creator of Twitter, has been through numerous failures and has committed many mistakes throughout his leadership being. Kevin Rose interviewed Dorsey on the importance of failure and how it is essential to take into consideration the difference between thriving and crashing. Jack has started many companies, but most of them have failed. Dorsey has learned from all the countless mistakes and used them to his advantage in order to accomplish what many thought was impossible. Rose, the interviewer, also runs an online business that has accumulated over three million dollars in revenue this past year. Rose reveals that “Successful companies can now be launched on the web with minimal seed money” (Entrepreneur 39). It used to be that major companies, like Intel and Oracle, needed huge infusions of capital to get started. Today, the barrier to enter the world of web companies is so low that Rose launched Digg with just a $99-a-month server, a $12-an-hour freelance coder, and $1,200 to purchase the domain name (GlobalPost).

With the economy struggling to get back on track, this country needs innovative and progressive individuals. These are the nation’s job creators and the future leaders of America. Fortunately, according to a recent poll, young Americans ranging from ages 18-34 are an entrepreneurial bunch that can lead to accomplish many endeavors. However, there are a few key obstacles that are holding them back, especially the economy. According to the survey, 38% of potential young entrepreneurs are holding off their ventures until the economy improves:

The global supply of skilled talent has never been more constrained thanks to many factors. The annual global skills survey conducted by staffing firm Manpower finds that 52 percent of U.S. employers have trouble filling “mission-critical positions,” up from 14 percent of U.S. employers last year. That represents more than a 300 percent increase in the number of companies having trouble finding qualified people.

This occurs because the desire to take action is what most Americans lack in today’s world, there are countless opportunities that show up in everyday situations but most individuals do not take advantage of such terms. The time that thousands have wasted complaining about the rise of unemployment rates could be the time spent either learning the required skills for a desired job or finding novel ways to create their own start-up. All it takes is a little risk, dedication, tenacity, and the power to make something out of nothing.

Javier Duarte is a determined college entrepreneur who recently began working on Keen Empire, his first start-up. You can learn more about him at about.me/javidee or connect with him through twitter: @javivo.

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