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Entrepreneurs have to look after many different things in a short span of time. From to-do lists, managing contacts, meetings and conference calls; there are several responsibilities. At times like these you can use technology to good effect and try to keep the chaos under control. It’s certainly true for entrepreneurs in tech industry who can benefit from the apps at their disposal. There are 10 apps in particular that can have many benefits for you.


Your business, big or small, is likely to generate a lot of paper. You might be averse to the idea of having files and documents all over your office or it could be that you like them to be on the go. That’s where TinyScan, a $5 smartphone app, comes into the picture turning your phone camera into a scanner. You can click a picture instantly and convert it into a PDF file. If you spend a day at the vendor or at client’s, you are going to generate a lot of paper. That paper can be converted onsite, so that you can destroy all physical copies, and get yourself a secure option.


You don’t always have the time to read the article or follow a tweet that has caught your attention. But when you think about it again, you aren’t able to find it. That’s why there is Instapaper as it saves web pages and articles to the app. It also creates newspapers by downloading articles whenever you have Internet connection. As a result you will be able to read articles when you don’t have Internet, which is very handy when you are traveling.

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If you are looking to manage, share or track how your project or that of your team’s is progressing, then you can rely on this app. All you have to do is add people in a project and their individual goals, while noting general advancements. With Asana you get updates for the project through emails, files, send tasks. Importantly you can get all the details you want without logging into the app. If your project group is up to 30 people, you can get a free version and have to pay if the group exceeds the number.


It’s a social media dashboard that helps you reach out to your potential customers and connect with them. It has been designed in a way that it can become the hub for all social media platforms and lets you send messages across different platforms by a simple click of a button. You can make the most of options that let you analyze, monitor and schedule your content so that you don’t miss any content, tweet or hashtag.


You could be anywhere in the world, but you can connect with your business partners and colleagues with the help of this app. It’s considered to be Skype of the business world and lets you make several video conferences at the same time. Thus, through your smartphone you have an option that can be easier than making calls or sending emails for that matter. When you are out of the country, WebEx helps you stay connected like you’d want to be.

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It’s a smart tool that lets you keep track of your expenses and other financial obligations. Not only can you categorize and generate reports, you can maintain records of your credit card and bank expenses. You can take a picture of the receipt in case you have made a cash purchase and the app will do the rest. There are features that make sense in case you send or receive invoices on a frequent basis.

Square Register

It’s an app that’s been put together by co-creators of Twitter and it can turn your tablet or phone into a cash register. You can even handle credit cards and business can be done on the move. You have to pay a 2.75% transaction fee per swipe but there are no monthly charges or hidden costs. You can get your hands on the funds in a day or two. You can order your free Square Register device, which is capable of reading cards swept across it.


You can now forward your booking confirmations to an email address with this app. It’s a simple concept that can make things a lot easier for you when you are travelling. You also have the option of sharing your travel plans with your colleagues while making notes too.


You go to conferences and social contacts because you want to network and meet new people. If Bizzabo is an app that’s used by the organizers of the event then you can load it into your phone. The app will automatically discover business contacts in the area and you can get in touch with them via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. You also find out about other events and can set up meetings too.

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It’s a cloud based file hosting service that allows you to access your photos, videos and documents from wherever you might be. When you sign up you get 2GB space and peace of mind in case you end up losing your iPhone or iPad. Your files are encrypted and there are extra security measures taken as well, to ensure that it’s the perfect app for entrepreneurs on the go.

Entrepreneurs have to tend to several aspects of their business and are hard pressed for time. They can make the most of these apps that have been designed for their convenience.

I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer/writer based in India.  I have an experience of about 8 years in content writing and have worked for top blogs and websites. I’m generally an extrovert; I like photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants to do travelogues.

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