10 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Will Change Your Life

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Guest BloggingA lot of businesses who start their online existence try various methods of growing their popularity, including Adsense campaigns, PPC campaigns, social media groups, etc. However, one of the easiest and most rewarding way of promoting your site and gaining more potential clients is often ignored: guest blogging. By resorting to guest posting, businesses and individuals alike receive plenty of opportunities, including the option to get in touch with a wider audience and to increase their brand awareness. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 10 reasons why you should try guest blogging:

1. Increase your website’s revenue

This is one of the most important advantages that one can obtain through such type of promotion. Once you decide to start guest posting on a site, you will start contributing slowly but steadily to your website’s prosperity. For new sites, this is the easiest way to link building and attracting plenty of visitors which are to make a purchase if your webpage is good enough to convince them.

The increased revenue that you obtain as a result of guest blogging can be easily invested into enhancing your website, products or services, thus making them more appealing for the customers.

2. Increase the number of comments

Commenting is considered to be one of the essential SEO aspects, but its also useful for increasing your customer conversion ratio as people are more tempted to buy from sites which feature real product comments/testimonials. Spammers will only decrease your SEO ranking, but the organic comments that you receive from guest posting will increase it.

With the ever increasing competition in the field of comments, it’s always wise to prepare new tools for the battle. One such tool is undoubtedly obtain through guest blogging.

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3. Increase the number of returning visitors

Returning visitors are even more important for your business compared to the new visitors which access your site by chance. They can be detected via Google Analytics, and the more of them you have, the higher your trust among people is. If you want to increase the popularity of your business, then you should seek a way to make people want to return to you.

Guest blogging has the advantage of increasing your website’s page rank and providing quality links from others, thus acting like a link bridge between you and the customers.

4. Boost your social media popularity

Bookmarking and social networks are considered to be the new giants when it comes to SEO and increasing your business’s popularity. You have to be popular among a wide variety of social media users, but how is this possible? The solution is actually very simple. Your social popularity is boosted according to the number of likes and shares that you receive along the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Those who regularly provide quality guest posts will ultimately be followed on the social networks by an ever-growing audience, which will greatly benefit your business on the long term. That’s why guest posting matters!

5. Improve your writing ability

Quite obviously, the effect of posting on different blogs has a positive effect on both you and your writing style. This method is very effective for increasing the traffic statistics on your site, and your writing power will become bigger as you develop new ideas, strengthen your knowledge, and learn how to better proofread articles.

This writing power that you gain matters very much, as your visitors are more impressed by the content that you post on the blog, before seeing your website in itself. Thus, when you’ll start guest blogging , your writing ability will improve too.

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6. Strengthen the link wheel

Through guest blogging, any person can strengthen the link wheel related to his/her site. Have you head about the link-wheel strategy? If not, then allow me to summarize things a little. The entire process refers to interlinking your main website to a number of smaller sub-sites, as to form a wheel through the incoming and outgoing links of it. This strategy is very useful if your business is new to the market.

Thus, those who regularly provide quality guest posts have a higher chance to wield positive results in a short amount of time, as compared to the others.

7. Develop your expertise

When you regularly approach a single topic or several aspects related to it, you highly increase your personal expertise as well as your long-term skills. The SEO part of your website is highly dependent on the number of backlinks which direct towards it, and thus you must always seek to develop this part.

Guest blogging allows you to increase your business’s visibility on the internet, but also to polish your expertise which is highly important in this competitive environment.

8. Become more influent on the internet

This is one of the particular advantages of this type of blogging, as it allows you to increase your grip and authenticity in a particularly field of study or topic. Thus, the reader is able to identify you more easily. The more you post, the more you’ll increase your chances of making yourself a name. You have to regularly seek to interact with new top bloggers and see in what kind of articles they’re interested.

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Once you find this out and begin sending your first articles toward them, your business’s popularity will start increasing steadily.

9. Raise up your search engine authority

Yet another benefit of guest blogging is that it enables you to build domain authenticity but also search engine authority at the same time. Your page rank is directly influenced by the number of posts on your site and those that you post on different blogs. Thus, the more content directs toward your site, the higher your page rank becomes. Some blogs also make huge revenue by inviting different persons to post there.

This is known as paid guest blogging, and it has become increasingly popular lately. Nevertheless, both paid and free guest postings allow you to increase your site’s SEO ranking with ease.

10. Bring organic traffic

Last but not least, through guest posting you are in the advantage of receiving 100% organic traffic, which is directed toward your site by the different blogs that you post on. It all depends on your strategy to build quality backlinks on both national and international sites.

Such approach creates plenty of traffic and you are to expect hundreds or even thousands of readers coming from single guest post of yours. Users are always in need of genuine and authentic websites which feature a high page rank. Thus, the visitor will select a blog suitable for his keyword search and which has a good progress, and that blog will ultimately lead to your site. Simple, isn’t it?

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