10 Traits You Should Know for Your Next Hire

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If you are the hiring manager and is mainly responsible for the recruitment of your company employees, it is your job and main responsibility to make sure that you are able to scout for the best hire that will be your company’s assets instead of liabilities. Sometimes, it takes creating a list of traits on what to look for from an ideal candidate for a job to help you in the decision making process when hiring applicants. Major companies invest on hiring the best people for their company and as a hiring manager you are in the best position to look for the best talents to work for your company. Here are 10 traits that you should know for your next hire that will guide you in the selection process in finding the perfect candidate to hire.

1.      Trustworthy

Trust is an essential element for a good business. Your company will likely grow when its employees are trustworthy and sincere in their services. You don’t want to work with someone who often tells a lie and compromises your business operations and other confidential matters. You can avoid hiring employees with a deceptive character by scrutinizing through their credentials and verify the truthfulness and authenticity of their documents and the information they provide in their resume. You need competent employees who are honest about their capabilities instead of those who brag about it but with a bad follow-through.

2.      Creativity

As your business starts growing, you need new hires endowed with creativity with the ability to think outside of the box. Your company should always welcome great, creative ideas in order to bring a healthier environment with fresh minds that will introduce your company with creative initiatives. Not everyone has a creative mind and if you find a new talent with a creative mind, try to consider whether your company can benefit from that applicant’s creativity.

3.      Flexibility

Company needs to embrace changes in order to prosper in the industry where they belong, especially when their competition is tough. Because product and service demands may constantly change, the job description of your employee might need some changes and your employees need to be flexible as well in order to make them cope in the changing demands from their job. It is thus essential to look from your future hires the quality of adaptability and openness to change in taking bigger and new challenges imposed on their job.

4.      Communication skills

An applicant’s ability to communicate can boost your company performance especially when dealing with important stakeholders of your company. In your future hires it is essential to gauge the communication skill of your applicants. It is worth considering that bad communicators can be bad for your business and can bring the whole organization down from its stakeholders. Try to invest on good communicators who can build up your business reputation and market your products and services positively.

5.      Passion

Passion keeps an employee more loyal and dedicated in their services. You can seldom hear employees complaining about their work when they are passionate with what they do. When hiring for a job, try to gauge whether an applicant has a passion on the kind of job being offered. It is to your company’s advantage when you hire passionate individuals who can contribute a significant service for your company and sometimes giving you services even more than what is required from them.

6.      Education

Education is an important qualification that you need to consider when hiring applicants to a job. You should be able to determine whether an applicant’s educational qualifications are relevant to the job position you are filling up. Training is most of the time required for your new hires but it makes training easier to an employee whose education is in line with the position they are being trained for. New hires whose educational training and skills are in line with the job descriptions are almost ready to perform on day 1.

7.      Work ethics

Employees with good work ethics are those who are willing to go the extra mile in their work performance. This is an important consideration when hiring applicants because those who may lack educational qualifications for a job will likely willing to learn and perform better than those who have good educational qualifications but with poor work ethics. This will help you decide which applicant will be a performing asset for your company.

8.      Integrity

An employee with a strong integrity is likely to be honest about their strengths and weaknesses and willing to improve their performance at work. They are also humble enough to admit their mistakes and willing to make up for their shortcomings. This quality of an employee will prevent him from talking negatively about their employers or their previous superior as well. An applicant’s integrity is one of the moral qualities that you should look for when

9.      Positivity

A performing employee is one who shows a positive attitude towards work and challenges that they may encounter with their job responsibilities. This kind of trait allows an employee to manage a stressful working environment and promotes a pleasant environment when working with others. This kind of characteristic of an employee can be encouraging to other employees as well. Try to look for this kind of attitude from your future hires as they can be an asset in your organization by making the positive attitude spread around your company.

10.  Leadership and interpersonal skills

You should look for an employee with a good leadership and interpersonal skill which is valuable for team building in your organization. An outgoing employee who is open in expressing his ideas with his other team members can bring out the best in your team and promotes organizational growth. You can keep an eye on individuals with a good leadership skill who can be helpful in exercising useful initiative to keep your company’s productivity and operation going with less supervision needed.

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