2014: The Year of Video Marketing

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If there’s even the smallest grain of doubt in your mind about the future of video marketing, now is the time to abolish these concerns & embrace video as a key component of content marketing.

According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer-lead traffic by 2017, and video-on-demand traffic alone will have tripled. With that in mind, a hesitation to jump on the video bandwagon could leave your business crucially behind it’s competitors in an industry where being first counts.

Video is the future of content marketing, a future that may be closer than we thought with various studies reporting that over 50% of businesses are already investing in this medium, a figure that will undoubtedly increase as more technologies and possibilities become available.

It’s no longer restricted to large, established businesses either. Now more than ever, video is a great option for smaller businesses. If you’re a new brand trying to get yourself noticed in an overcrowded market, video can be that make-or-break extra. With production costs becoming ever more affordable and, given it’s unparalleled reach, investing in a brand video could really help give your business that initial push. Let’s have a look at some of video’s other benefits…

1.) Vast Reach

Video has a potential reach that is unmatched by any other communication format. YouTube alone has more than one billion unique visits to it’s site everyday, and brands including T Mobile, Volkswagen and Coca Cola have all experience viral success clocking up millions of views. Given it’s share-friendly nature, video can reach a potential audience you had not previously considered, taking your brand’s awareness to a whole new level.

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2.) It’s Engaging

More so than other formats, video is naturally engaging and, in an age of information overload, it’s vital for small businesses to offer content that is easy to digest. Videos provide short bursts of engaging information, utilizing both auditory and visual senses and increasing the impact made on the viewer.

3.) High Conversion Rates

The engaging nature of video is something which is reflected in video conversion rates.  In 2013, Unruly Media found that online video viewers are almost three times more likely to click through to a brand’s website from their smartphone or tablet than their laptop or desktop computer.

With video consumption and engagement increasing rapidly across mobile devices, it’s not surprising that another massive surge is predicted for 2014, with marketers and new businesses jumping on board and a report from Nielsen claiming 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

So now we’ve covered why your small business should use video, let’s touch on how you can utilize this medium into your campaigns.

A.) Embed the Video on your Website

Whatever the size of your business, having a professional and thought-through website should be at the top of your priority list. This is where video can prove an invaluable addition. Using embedded videos is a great way to connect with the consumer by capturing their attention. There are many ways one can use video on their business website. Rather than writing about what your business does, show it! Identifying your brand with real people furthers it’s credibility, and communicating your information in a visual manner is more likely to have an impact that plain text.

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B.) Make Use of Vine & Instagram Video

Creating video doesn’t just have to be limited to a production team and camera crew. With the recent advent of Vine & Instagram Video, creating your own content has never been easier. With these short-form video apps, businesses can tap into the short attention spans of consumers and get their message across. It’s a great way to meet your audience on the move and – not many people are aware of this – you can upload a previously made video to Instagram, meaning that a business can make a high quality commercial to be uploaded to Instagram rather than shooting one with their smartphone, as well as providing another platform for your content.

C.) Educate & Inform

Your video doesn’t just have to be selling your brand/product. Rather than just going for the straight sell & over-the-top promotional videos,  focus on a video that adds value and places its focus on education and entertainment. How-to video tutorials that feature your products and services are a great way small businesses can showcase its services and build your brand  without being a hard-sell.

So if any niggling concerns about video and it’s suitability for your brand, shrug them off now because video marketing is here to stay.

Madeleine Hammond is a marketing executive at Skeleton Productions – one of the UK’s leading video production companies.

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