4 Crazy Ways I Avoid Distractions When its Crunch Time

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With the explosion of technology and entertainment at our fingertips, it can be extremely difficult to remain productive! Whether you’re studying, putting late hours in at your startup, or chained to your desk at a corporation, these distractions are growing. Here are some crazy ways I’ve defeated distraction and protected myself from myself.

1)      Set a 10 Minute Alarm on your phone

This seems annoying but it’s actually not. Just set an alarm and every time it goes off hit snooze. Make sure your snooze is a 10-15 minute interval.  If you are on task when it goes off pat yourself on the back and keep working. If not, well then you need to yell at yourself and get back to work! Think of it as a boss doing rounds in cubicle land.  You will be shocked how well it helps you stay on track.

2)      Remove the batteries from the remote

If TV is your vice, then you know how tempting it is just to glance for “quick second” to see whats on. This only leads to two outcomes: watching your normal shows or watching a new ridiculous reality show that makes you question humanity. Either way there is one fact, no work gets done. What I like to do is take out the batteries and throw them underneath the couch. It gets the job done and when you’re finished, sometimes you’ll be surprised what else you find down there….

3)      Buy earplugs

Putting earplugs in has an interesting effect. It hones your skill to the task at hand in a very effective and creepily suspicious way. This has worked for me as a way to drain out all noise and focus on work. Listening to music can be helpful but only if you can resist the temptation to browse iTunes for some new beats. Please just make sure you dispose of your used earplugs before hitting the town with your “boys” or “ladies”.

4)      When all else fails…Leave the cell phone/tablet at home (GASP!)

I know I know. It’s not really that crazy but just try leaving your cell phone/tablet at home one day. I dare you. It’s actually unbelievable how many times you will try to reach for it. You’ll almost be ashamed. If you are at home and need to work, make sure your turn it off and put it somewhere that is annoying to reach – not anywhere gross though.

Rick Betancourt is a Junior Partner with Dennis P. Clark, an Income Tax and Financial Planning Firm. When he’s not working on his florescent tan he enjoys investing, sports, traveling, and learning from other people’s mistakes.

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