4 Fitness Secrets of Ripped Entrepreneurs

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Most entrepreneurs, especially during the starting phase, ignore health and fitness. During the first two years of your company, one ends up clocking supremely long stressful hours, wondering day and night about the success and survival of their journey, missing out on health and fitness.

I am an Entrepreneur; I run a successful seed-funded start-up with more than 20 employees, in its 3rd year.  During these 3 years, I have managed to maintain high levels of fitness, run several marathons, become a certified diver, finish mountain biking races, race triathlons and finish an IronMan 70.3 triathlon in under 6 hours all during the last 3 years as I scaled my start-up.

Here are my tips to ensure you stay healthy, beat stress, have a flat stomach and one day become a 6 pack millionaire.

1. Mornings

Mornings are most stressful as we normally wake up dozens of emails and with a cold sweat of impending deadlines and lack of resources. Breathe.

First 10-15 minutes, before you even look at your phone just dedicate to your fitness everyday. Yes, all seven days. Make space for a yoga mat and start Zone 4 workout i.e. heart rates between 150-180 for most people will qualify for zone 4. Workout without any breaks for these 10-15 minutes will get you to Zone 4.

Push ups, Squats, Skipping, high knees, lunges, jumps, burpees, crunches, planks etc. make for a great morning workout. Increase intensity as you go along.

10-15 minutes would not delay you for anything ever. But it will give you the energy to double your productivity, feel less stressed and be more happy.

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2. Meals

Stop avoiding meals and then binging. No breakfast, 5pm lunches and midnight dinners are common for start-ups. Simple way to avoid this is –always keep whole foods, health bars handy – munch through them during hectic work hours and schedules. Have one thing every 2 hours, an apple, a banana, a protein bar with no sugar, some whole grain or multi grain bread, some eggs, or more fruits – anything natural and healthy you can lay your hands on. You will see your work will be better too, your lunch breaks will be shorter whenever you take them and so will be dinner breaks. More work. Better health.

Avoid Caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods.

Remember body is also like a business where input defines output. Healthier you eat, less sluggish your thoughts.

3. Run/Swim/Something solo

Now matter how busy you are, 3-4 times a week finding 30 minutes for a solo activity, which can be done easily anywhere and at any point of the day is important. This is the 30 minutes you would waste on Youtube, Facebook or some random show – so better don’t say you don’t have the time.  2 hours a week, even the busiest person has. In fact most really busy (and successful) people I meet are also the ones who find time for fitness. Sleep lesser if you have to, but get the endorphins. Feel good. Also, you will realize when you are calm and away from your phone during these 30 minutes, you will have the maximum epiphanies. Capture them. Run, swim, do anything solo and without your phone. Bliss!

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4. The night

Ready to go to bed? Come on, 5 minutes or 300 seconds. Do whatever you feel like, any challenge that your body and mind can take. Just 5 minutes. Use your bedside to do triceps dips or just good old push-ups or crunches. Do anything you enjoy, with moderate to high intensity for 5 minutes. You will be surprised the benefits of spiking up metabolism before and after sleep can do for your body.

No matter how busy my day is, I follow this. I feel stronger; I have more energy to work and focus for longer hours. A fit and healthy body translates into confident posture, positive energy and a winning attitude.

I am Rishabh, Co-founder/CEO of Letsintern.com. My company is one the world’s largest student-organization platforms. I am a hard working adrenaline loving technology junkie.  If not belting long hours at work, I love to be outdoors pushing my limits or engaging with debates about start-ups, future technologies and business models. Follow me on Twitter : www.twitter.com/rish_says, Connect with me on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/rish712

Image Credit: www.firstliftfitness.com

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