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The Power of BrandingEverywhere I look online I see articles, videos, and blog posts about “personal branding”. It is especially relevant to me, as a recent graduate and young professional entering an uncertain job market, and an ever-changing global workplace As Millenials, we will be entrusted to do more with less, and our careers can no longer be simply linear. We need to begin crafting our own voices and brands, so we can define what our careers will look like, and do work that matters. Check out these 6 sites that can give you the ability to create.

1.   Seelio

There are so many assignments I did in college that took time and effort, exhibited my unique skill set, and were pretty comprehensive in what they covered. Unfortunately, most of them could never fit in a cover letter, or be referenced in an interview. Seelio is working to change all that. They have built a dynamic hub for college students, recent graduates, and anyone who wants to exhibit their portfolio in all its glory. You can upload anything from PowerPoint to a mockup of a website you designed, and Seelio makes it into a searchable and easy to label portfolio. If you need to create an interconnected hub of your assignments, projects, and interests to showcase yourself, Seelio can help.

2. ReadyForce

If you are intrigued and fascinated by all things tech and startup, than ReadyForce is made for you.  It connects college students and young professionals with great internship and full-time opportunities in Silicon Valley area and nationwide. Their mission is to “fundamentally transform the way people find jobs and jobs from people”, because the system is broken.  The interface is streamlined, so it is a breeze to add the Java language you learned, your presentation on complex systems, and the video mockup of your first site. The site has an algorithm that raises your ranking the more you login, so using the site routinely makes you show up higher in results when companies look to find candidates. If you are a college student looking to launch a career at an incredible company, ReadyForce can help in your matchmaking.

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3. Pressfolios

If you are a writer, blogger, public relations maven, or have any aspirations to be in the media industry, then Pressfolios can get you there. It takes any online writing you have done, indexes it, and creates a fully functional portfolio where you can display your best clips, organize them by subject, and tell your story. Once you link to your content, it is stored, backed up, and easily downloadable in a .pdf format. Although still in beta, they were kind enough to give a special sneak peek for Under30CEO readers. For the first 50 people who enter the instant access code “Under30CEO”, you get instant access to Pressfolios. There are limited spots, so don’t wait!  If you are a future media professional looking to create a portfolio with no hassle, and store all your clips in a crisp and clear way, than Pressfolios has your back.

4. Strikingly

First impressions can make or break a relationships, whether professional or personal. Strikingly aims to “conquer the world with one page”, and give your brand a visually stunning appeal. Strikingly works like a series of pages, each dedicated to your content. There are several templates for portfolios and businesses, so you can customize the look and feel of your pages easily and quickly. The real game changer for Strikingly is how well you can see what your design will look like on any mobile device, without leaving the page, and make edits on the fly. If you want stunning images, fast scrolling, and mobile optimization for your branding, than Strikingly is your best bet.

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5. Enthuse.me

Enthuse gives users the ability to showcase their work, knowledge and passion, so they can prove they have the expertise that companies want. Enthuse is all about simplicity and cutting down social media noise. Everything is on one page, with active links, and the exact information you want to share. The great thing about Enthuse is the ability to handpick exactly what you want in your profile, instead of mass importing everything at once. If clean, easy, and simple are what you need in how you present yourself, than Enthuse can get you there.

6. Hoverboard.io

Defined as “a space for coders, designers, writers & makers” Hoverboard.io combines minimalist design with beautiful display. Still in its infancy, the platform is aiming to make a beautiful landing page that highlights your work, allow you to connect with coworkers, and blog directly through the platform.  Friends are able to endorse your page, and your work history and any new projects or hacks you are developing are nicely arranged for maximum exposure. If you want a beautiful landing page that displays your work and qualifications, then Hoverboard.io is a great fit.  

Each site gives you different options and ability to grow and expand your personal brand however you want. A consistent brand message is vital for career success, and these sites can definitely help take you to the next level. Get out there, build a portfolio and show employers and customers what they are missing!

Jonathan Jackson is a recent college graduate who is building his brand, with a few Lego sets on the side. He loves technology, content marketing, and Air Max 90s.

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