7 Things Entrepreneurs Must Not Do

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You probably have read so many posts on things you must do if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur but I have noticed people tend to pay more attention to what they are asked not to do than what they are asked to do, this post will be talking about 7 things you must not do as an entrepreneur.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success

As an entrepreneur it is very important not to expect overnight success but rather work hard on getting results. Many people believe being an entrepreneur is all about starting a business and that the income will automatically come in, starting a business is just the beginning, results won’t come in automatically and it will be so disappointing if you don’t get the results you expected.

Instead of expecting to succeed immediately focus on working hard and waiting patiently for the results to come on. Remember, success only comes after serious hardwork and waiting patiently.

Don’t Fail to Set Goals

It is also very important to set goals as entrepreneurs. It is very disappointing to ask an entrepreneur what he/she wants to be in the near future only to hear a reply like “I am still thinking about it”, far from it! Successful entrepreneurs have great goals and they don’t waste their time doing things that don’t matter. Your goals will keep you on track and ensure your success; the more aware you are of your goals the harder you will work to get things done. Set goals, failure to have goals can be a disaster.

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Don’t Fail to Network

Successful entrepreneurs are professional game players, and if you ask me in what game I will tell you it is in the game of Networking. Take a look at every successful entrepreneur in the history of the world and one thing you will notice they have in common is the ability to network. Being alone and keeping your ideas to yourself won’t take you anywhere but rather go out there and network with others. Two heads are better than one and the more people you could get to work on your business the more results you will get.

It is also important not to network with just anybody but to network with serious entrepreneurs who will affect you positively.

Don’t Procrastinate

Want to know a true entrepreneur? Give him/her an assignment and the next time you call for it you will hear that it has been done.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t waste time, they are swift. You don’t need to keep wasting your time on only one thing all the time but you should rather look for ways to get more things done. A golden truth known by successful entrepreneurs is that time waits for no man and that is why you see them getting things done faster. The faster you deal with opportunities the more opportunities will come your way. Don’t waste time, get something done, now!

Don’t be Unprofessional

As an entrepreneur you shouldn’t be the “I don’t care” type of person but make sure you are the best in every area.

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Don’t be known for being unprofessional, spend your time on improving yourself and your products. If you have a website, don’t set it up with a free, unprofessional themes but rather get a professional designer to help make sure you get the best. If you have an offline business try to keep above the trends to make sure you always develop and improve your products as much as you can.

Don’t Say More than You Hear

I know this might be somehow confusing but what I am trying to say is that you should always listen as an entrepreneur, don’t just go about talking and talking and talking. Try to listen carefully to what people say and make sure you only talk when it is absolutely necessary.

Listening as an entrepreneur will help you in so many ways, first it will help people respect you because they will see you as someone who is responsible, second, it will help you learn more things – you will notice that people who talk too much hardly gain anything, when they are supposed to be listening they are already thinking of what to say next.

Don’t be for your “Business Only”

Another thing you must avoid as an entrepreneur is being for business only. You will see some entrepreneurs talking about business anytime and anywhere they come across people, the end result will be people avoiding them.

Don’t talk about your business only but rather focus on building strong relationships that last, a friend will be more likely to go to any length to promote your business than any other person. Try to respect people for whom they are and let them know you are not just there for their money but for their welfare, always try to be personal.

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As an entrepreneur there are things you must do and things you must not do, the above are 7 things you mustn’t do as an entrepreneur

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