8 Ways to Dominate Fear and Be a Rockstar!

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I am dyslexic! I have ADD and the fact that I come from an Egyptian Singaporean family, which grew up in Saudi Arabia. I had major fears of not fitting in.

I was minority, minority, and minority.

So why am I telling you this?

You may not know this, but all fears root from childhood, and we have a choice to overcome a situation or to let it define you.

I let my disabilities define me. I was a really shy kid and used it as a security blanket from getting hurt.

I never really play big and reached my potential because I was afraid of it. Not so much of failure but actually getting what I wanted. I was so afraid to do, to be and to live the life I wanted.

I looked at friends, family, and society and realized that the conventional path defined my life. I allowed fear, worry, and doubt to dominate. I let it steal my joy, my sleep, and my dreams.

On 4th of July 2007 my world rocked upside down when my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer which was spreading, the doctors predicted nine months to live.

What fascinated me with the experience and really defined a moment in my life. This was when I asked my daddy, “What do you want to do before you go?” And he said, “I have done it all, I have everything I ever wanted.” How badass was that?

At that time, I didn’t really get it, I thought life was supposed to be this rat race and then one day his words made sense, life is about finding your purpose, and that purpose is simply to be you! Now in order to get what I wanted I needed to know what I wanted.

As someone who is comfort zone was being shy, you can imagine how uncomfortable it was to take a leap of faith and push myself to not only identify but also go after my dreams. I started a bucket list which is pretty morbid in its own sense because it is basically a list of things to do before you die.

This was liberating because step by step, I was building confidence and making quantum leaps. I was going on adventures, jet set the world, climb mountains like Kilimanjaro, jump out of planes, launched my own social enterprise and raised $50,000 and run fearless training programs where I help people embrace fear, play big and change the world.

The secret sauce, was I always had that in me, but I was ready to start.

Are you? Remember you can choose awesome or average? If you want to be fearless and do all the things you were meant to do, but haven’t started? Read on!

The following tips will allow you to embrace fear, play big and change the world!

1. Make Fear Your BFF

Invite fear into your life. When you fear something, move toward it.  Feel it, and breathe through it, dream it! Do the things that frighten you. Action builds courage.

2. Reframe to Positivity

Fear attract more fear. When you reframe your thoughts you can attract success. Train your mind to change “but if” to “what if”.

3. Don’t make a date with fear

You are responsible for your time and energy, be consistent and focus on solutions and don’t make a date with fear.

4. Make abundance your zone of genius

Be abundant! Think, speak, and live abundantly. Focus your attention on opportunity not loses.

5. You’re AWESOME!

We are our own worst enemy.  Why not remind yourself a break and remind yourself of how awesome you are + the impact you have done?

6. Get Inspired

Want an awesome life, want to be Oprah, Steve Jobs, whoever. Why not read about their story and learn about their struggles, fears and what they have gone through to finally get to where they got to. It wasn’t not always a bed of roses.

7. You power posy is King

Without supportive friends and family you will fail. They remind us of our failures, triumphs, they are generous with praise, love and support. They make tough times easier and easier times more fun!

8. Plan to be great

Ready to Embrace Fear, Play Big + Change the World! Then start to dream big! Then follow up the dreams with action steps and make sure you are fearless because your dreams are at stake.

You are destined to be amazing! You are destined to change the world in your own special way. You just need to start and take one step. If you are want to a challenge, you can check out my 14 Day Fear Challenge and learn how to afraid to take risks in their business and careers.

Yasmine Khater is the Founder of the Fearless Revolution and Transpiral.org, she is an award winning career + business coach and motivational speaker. Transpiral is digital space that provides thousands of women inspiring, practical strategies to take charge, embrace fear, play bigger, change the world and build dynamic careers and businesses they love.

She has been featured on Under30Ceo, Channel News Asia, Cleo and Chic Ceo, and worked with P&G, PWC, Burger King, and spoken at numerous events such TEDxWomen, Global WIN and Choas Asia. @yasminekhater, facebook.com/yasminekhater

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