9 Must Read Websites for Entrepreneurs in New York

by / ⠀Startup Advice / February 21, 2012

Want to stay on top of everything that’s going on in the New York City startup, tech, and entrepreneur scenes?

This list of online publications gives you timely information about whats going on in the greatest city on earth.  These sites cover anything from events, information on capital raises, the who’s-who of entrepreneurship, companies that are making news, and what the government is doing to support us in our endeavors.

Check out this list of the must read sites to follow for New York entrepreneurs…

1) Startup Digest–this calendar and newsletter curated by Frank Denbow, Julia Levy, and Satjot Sawhney tells you exactly what events are going on in NYC this week.  It’s focus is the tech startup world and competes with newsletters such as Gary’s Guide.  Get the newsletter every monday, to know what events to hit during the week.

2) We Are NY Tech–everyday at 9AM ET a new interview with someone in the New York Tech scene goes up.  These interviews aren’t always founders or famous VC’s, but valuable members of the community who are making it happen.  Take a look at the people grinding it out in the trenches of the concrete jungle.

3) Xconomy New York–this hyperlocal site covers business, life science, and technology news in New York City.  The content can be quite technical, covering bioscience and M&A deals, but the site is always worth browsing if you want to be serious about who’s making headlines in the startup world.

4) Crain’s New York–this New York publication covers the nuts and bolts of business from Wall Street, to real estate, to the arts, and small business.  Their 40 Under 40 list is one of our favorites and the timeliness of their news keeps you abreast of what’s going on in the economy on a macro level.

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5) NY Tech Blog–want a nice topline view of the New York Tech scene?  Make sure to follow the NY Tech Blog.  This site links to other interesting articles about New York based companies on sites like BetaBeat and GigaOm.

6) New York Enterprise Report–this small business publication gets in depth with the things that affect your business from taxes, government, and politics, while also has an exentsive how-to section and profiles many NYC small businesses.  We’ve even interviewed the founder Robert Levin on Under30CEO.

7) New York Tech Meetup Blog–NYTM is the cornerstone of the NYC tech scene.  Listed as one of our top events for young entrepreneurs, this demo event showcases the top pieces of technology made in the city.  The blog gives recaps of the event, and has videos of the top speakers and budding technologies that New York has to offer.

8) New York Egotist–this blog is your go-to place for news about marketing and advertising in New York.  Placing themselves “at the intersection of tech and creativity”, this site is a good read and yet doesn’t read like a normal business publication.

9) NYConvergence–this site covers digital media and technology news in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, tri-state area.  The blog gives you quick summaries of articles written by other sites and covers anything from mobile, apps, venture capital and the web.  While, it’s not in depth reporting, they’ll always link you to good stuff.

What do you read to stay on top of your local startup news?

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Matt Wilson is the co-founder of Under30CEO and is looking to help every young entrepreneur on the planet.

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