8 Tips to Leave Your Day Job and Start Your Business

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One of the scariest things to do is drop your day to day nine to five. The paycheck is steady and it comes with a nice health-care package. Lunch with co-workers provides time to unwind and talk about what’s going on in the world. The hours are steady and while it may be demanding, there isn’t much mystery to what you can expect from work.

Venturing out of the workplace leaves a fear of uncertainty. Working for yourself day in and day out is nothing like being in the steady work force. The paychecks are scarcer and health benefits will be coming directly out of your pocket. Lunch consists of only you. And the hours, let’s just say, are not set in stone and work is way more demanding. Starting your own business/career comes with a lot of mystery.

The common misconception is that once you work for yourself, things become “easier”. On the contrary, working for yourself is actually more involved than working for someone else. And truthfully when you are the commander of the ship you call income, you must work for others in order to establish yourself in the niche in which you are diving into.

Do not fret. Below are some tips if you’re ready to take that step out of the office.

Come up with a plan.

You can’t start ANY new venture without a plan. Take time to make a detailed plan of action, which includes ways to achieve your goals. You should map out time frames and any other relevant information to know exactly where you want to go. Keep in mind that a house can’t be built without floor plans.

Build a routine.

If you want to seriously get where you would like to be you must plan your day. Yes, this is another planning exercise. You have to have the day in order so that you remain organized. Also, work in the chores and other duties that consist with your day that are not a part of your work. Maintaining a routine will allow you to be more focused on the tasks at hand.

Only leave if you can.

If you cannot manage to leave the workplace, DON’T. Use the employment that you have to save up so that you can remove yourself from your job without putting extra hardship on you or your family. There are discounts and coupons all over the web to help you save more. Remember, you can begin your dreams while still working. You just have to split your time productively.

Be productive with all your time.

Use all of your time wisely. Even if you do have a routine, it doesn’t mean you are confined to it. Take a pen and pad where ever you go. You never know when an idea will hit you. The worse things you can do are run your errands or do other chores and an idea comes to you, but your computer or planners are no where around. All your time is precious and important to being successful.

Never fold to failure.

No business jumps off the ground as soon as you start. If you get rejected just chalk it as a learning experience and move on. Don’t dwell on the things you cannot change. Focus on what comes next and use your knowledge to lessen the failure and aim to succeed.

Never give up.

Keep pushing no matter what. No matter how hard or discouraged you get, keep moving. It will get easier with time. If you are consistent things will get better. Just think, what would life be like if the makers of companies like Apple or networks like FaceBook gave up?

Don’t judge yourself through others.

Do not judge your capabilities by what others are doing. So what if a person is doing better or at a level that you would like to be? Don’t be discouraged by their work ethic. Just work your way to a status that is comfortable for you. Also, keep in mind that what works for someone else may not work for you.

Read and Research.

Stay on top of what is going on in the industry you are heading into. Research ways to reach your goals and apply what you learn to your work. Read about trends in your niche as well as best practices of those at the top in your niche. You never can know everything about a business because industries are constantly changing.

If you have the gumption to leave the norm of the workplace and start your career/business, you get kudos from me. It takes a daring and driven individual to do such a thing. I commend each and every person who does it. That’s not to say anything against those who are okay with the workplace. Everyone is different.

Please remember it’s not for everyone to walk out on their nine to five. Only the most determined ones succeed in the long run.

Trina Lynne is a freelance writer.

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