A Blueprint for Sustainable Happiness

by / ⠀Podcast / February 16, 2016
sustainable happiness podcastsustainable happiness podcast

The art of happiness is one that few people understand

sustainable happiness podcastsustainable happiness podcast

In this week’s interview Brandon Epstein (@Brandon_Epstein) from Zen Dude Fitness shares actionable items with you for how to work towards sustainable happiness.
Brandon and his co-founder Dan Witmer call themselves the Zen Dudes. They created Zen Dude Fitness because they lost 130 lbs. collectively after years of struggling to attain the physiques we desired. They did it by making fitness part of their lifestyle rather than a monotonous daily task.
The core beliefs of Zen Dude Fitness are:
  • Exercise must be fun
  • Dieting is not a sustainable solution
  • Knowledge is more important than effort
  • Good habits trump motivation
  • Getting lean improves all areas of your life

If you’re interested in transforming your body and life we highly recommend you check out: The Zen Dude Fitness Way

In our conversation with Brandon, he gives us his formula to create “identity statements” and condition your psychology.  His visualization exercises help re-wire your brain through the concept of neuroplasticity.
Brandon doesn’t talk like a neuroscientist however… the conversation is more about how things feel, trusting our intuition, and even about psychedelics used in a medicinal, therapeutic way.


Do you have to live the Four Hour Work Week and live abroad in Colombia running your own business like Brandon and Tim Ferriss do?

Listen in for the answer to this and many more.

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