Advice For Young Entrepreneurs – How To Be Taken Seriously

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Young EntrepreneurThere is no sure fire way to become a successful entrepreneur, but if you are not being taken seriously by those around you, you will have zero chance of making this dream a reality. Here are a number of key points to consider as you prepare to take your first steps  into the dog eat dog world of modern business.

Have a Plan

All of the drive and enthusiasm in the world is not going to get you anywhere unless you have a clearly defined set of goals and objectives. It is not enough to want to succeed if you are not entirely sure of what it is you want to succeed at. Too many people dive headfirst into business without clearly understanding exactly where it is that they want to go. Your youthful exuberance and desire will get you so far, but there will also be a moment where reality hits you hard in the face. And in terms of respect and seriousness, nobody that you deal with be able to put their trust in you if they feel there is no real substance to back up your raw energy and ideas. 

Find a Mentor

If you are able to make a strong contact with another more experienced person within your field who you can turn for help and advice on a regular basis, you are starting out on the right road to respect and acceptance. Placing your trust in a mentor shows the people around you that you understand just how important it is to learn from those who have already been there and done all of the things that you are getting ready to face at the start of your career. A good mentor will not only guide you along your way, but they will also be an invaluable source of contacts and essential corporate invitations. 

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Live this life 24/7

A serious entrepreneur knows that this life is not a game. Respect is not given out for free, it is earned. It is essential then that your whole mentality to work and its position within your life is clear in your mind. If you really want to make a success of things, you will sacrifice everything else in your world in order to make this work. This means that you must eat, sleep and breathe your work. The weekend is no longer a time to go out with your friends, drinking and having fun. Your weekends now are no longer your own. At the outset there is never a time when you are not “on.” Go over figures, attend negotiation workshops, look back at what you have done and how it can better next time, and educate yourself some more; read all of the trade magazines and the books that have been written by people who were one day in exactly the same position that you are now. 


Starting out in business is hard work. There will be times when you feel like throwing in the towel and settling for something less demanding. If these thoughts too easily enter your mind, it is possible that you are just not suited to being an entrepreneur. Those who are truly destined to become successful, respected entrepreneurs are those that are able to weather the storms that will surely come your way as you look to make your mark. The important thing is to never dwell on the negative, but rather identify what it was you learnt from this setback. There is no successful person alive today who did not at one time or another face adversity. It is how you deal with this adversity which will ultimately determine your future successes, and it is when people see you get back on your feet after a fall that they truly begin to respect you and take you seriously. 

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The article was written by Alisha Webb.  Alisha writes for The Gap Partnership HK. She has an MA in Creative Writing and works as a financial adviser when not blogging.

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