Aspiring Entrepreneurs: 25 Businesses You Can Start Today!

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businessesEntrepreneurs know its all about simply getting that first start. You have to take that leap and go for it. That first business may not be your million dollar idea. Hell it may only last for a summer. But the point it you learn some things, take some chances and make some mistakes. In the end you come out a couple steps ahead of everyone else. And you never know maybe the idea turns into something larger then your wildest dreams.

25 Business to Start Today

Here are 25 businesses you can start today!

1. Pet Sitting, Pet Walking, Pet Care

People spend a lot of money on their pets. Many people run into problems when going on vacation or even just going to work day to day. Great opportunity especially when many people like to spoil their pets more then their family!

2. Home Improvement

If your a hand on kind of person its easy to start doing handy work around homes. Many people, especially older people, are looking for little fixes to be done around the house.

3. Affiliate Marketing

With a little online knowledge you can easily set-up a website and have it revolve around affiliate marketing. Costs will be low and if nothing else you will learn a lot about the dos and dont’s in the online marketing world.

4. Laundry Service

Nobody likes doing laundry. Do it for people while they are at work. Let them upgrade and you will even iron their shirts and put everything away.

5. Baked Goods

If you like cooking maybe you should start trying to sell some of your dishes. Bake cookies, muffins, pies, brownies and find a way to get them in front of your community.

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6. Digital Marketing

If your young odds are you have a computer. Odds are you are already on facebook, youtube and many other online social platforms. Start helping companies use and navigate these platforms. Many times people aren’t looking for an in depth strategy but simply how the hell do I use Facebook.

7. Photography

If you like taking pictures then start doing it for small events. Family reunions, birthday parties etc…People will be glad to not pay the price of a professional photographer for a small event.

8. Blogging

Start a blog get some traffic and setup Google Adsense. You can also setup affiliate stuff or services to sell. You won’t get rich but you will learn a ton.

9. Errand Service

This works especially well for seniors who can no longer drive. Get their groceries, go to the post office or pick up their medicine.

10. Craft Business

If your a creative person its easier then ever to set-up online shops selling your work. Get on and market your store.

11. Ebay

Everyone has extra stuff lying around the house. Start selling it on ebay and pocket a few dollars for your efforts. Maybe you like it and get more serious with your ebay store by buying and reselling products.

12. Landscaping

Very simple to start and everyone is looking for it at the right price. Mow lawns, pull weeds, tend gardens. Your clients are in every neighborhood and for most jobs you won’t need many supplies or tools to get started.

13. Car Detailing

People like clean cars but professional car detailing can be expensive. Offer your own service to wash and detail cars.

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14. Programmer

With a little online knowledge you can start setting up websites for people. Many people are looking for cost effective ways to get a site up and running. This business also has a lot of upside as you gain skill and experience.

15. Window Cleaning

Everyone hates the Spring time when they head out to clean all the windows in their house. Get out there and do it yourself for everyone.

16. Virtual Assistant

If your organized and can stick to schedules then this is a great business to get into. Find clients on things like Craigslist and for other entrepreneurs around town.

17. Organizer

Do you like cleaning and organizing your stuff? Well maybe you don’t like it but if your good at it you can help people. Many people have trouble keeping their house neat and organized.

18. Writing/Editing

If your a good writer there is a lot of work out there. Especially with blogging these days many people need more and more great content but aren’t necessarily great at it themselves.

19. Junk Removal

There is a reason companies like 1-800-GotJunk are million dollar companies. People don’t like dealing with all of their junk! If you have a truck its easy to start making runs to the dump for people. Don’t overlook college towns where kids are moving out at the end of the semesters and have to clean out their whole place.

20. Painting

Easy to start and little skill required. You can also make good money because professional painters can be pricey. Again your clients are all over your neighborhood. Also look at new neighborhoods and people just moving into houses. They are likely to re-decorate inside.

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21. Tutor

What were you good at in school? If you can help with preparing for the big standardized tests that can be even more valuable.

22. Fashion Consultant

If you like shopping, clothes and fashion overall your set. Many people are lost when trying to dress right for that interview or date.

23. Graphic Design

Will a little creativity you can easily find clients who have none when it comes to making their logos or designs.

24. Computer Help

If your good with computers there is a lot of opportunity to help people debug, install programs or just learn how to navigate their computer.

25. Mover/Unpacker

Help people move into their places. Maybe a better bet watch where people are moving in and offer to help unpack all of the boxes and arrange everything the movers dropped all over the new house.

What other businesses can someone easily startup today?

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