Best Clean Packaged Foods for Busy Entrepreneurs and Professionals!

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When you’re having a week that may not permit cutting fruit/veggies or carrying them around or are travelling- you can find the below pre-packaged foods at most coffee shops, hotel convenience stores and grocery stores.

By “clean” I mean the less ingredients the realer the food, and the less genetically modified, the cleaner the food. Also, for non-meat items, the rawer the food, the better for you. Because why eat something if you’re getting no nutrition from it? Sounds like a waste.

Below is a list of pre-packaged food that is clean, low in sugar, fat and definitely will leave you feeling good after eating it. Your body, mind and soul and your business will thank you. I am listing the names of brands only for your reference; but most brands do make the below foods.

When you take care of the person behind the business; the business thrives better.

1. Clif bars:  if you must, as it is soy and soy can sometimes have GMO issues, but it is better than no protein at all.

2. Carrot & dip packs: most local grocery stores in almost any region sell these.

3. Liberty brand greek yogurt: protein at its finest.

4. Hummus: Sabra or Sante brand hummus is delish.

5. Baked pita chips: Stacy’s brand is delicious yet low in sodium.

6. Veggie chips: Terra brand is lovely and low in sodium.

7. Kind Bars: self explanatory, amazing.

8. Blue corn chips: Tostitos makes good ones!

9. Kashi bars: this brand is one of the leading organic snack makers.

10. 60% or higher cocoa dark chocolate: any brand from Lindt, to local store brands.

11. Rice based chips/crackers


13.Starbucks trail mix: or any trail mixed packages at your fave coffee shop, skip the pastries! Some coffee shops have “protein plates” and even low fat pop corn,

such as Starbucks.

14. Mini cheese slices: Black Diamond

15. 100-Calorie Almond packs: Black Diamond

16. Organic applesauce snack packs

17. Pop Chips: any flavour goes!

18. Kale / lentil chips: ah-mazingly good, as gross as kale sounds.

19. Wheat-Thins: instead of chips!

20.Low fat Fig bars: any brand is fine as long as you read the label and can easily recognize the ingredients!

21. Whey based protein shakes: opt for anything if you must, but the “NO GMO” label is even better if you can find such a variant in individual one portion sized packs to take with you.

Keep in mind the base of the food you’re eating, ensure it is made out of what it should be, for example, is sugar the first ingredient in your granola bar or is it peanuts? Labels are great for ingredient screening.

Keep in mind, calories are approximate, so are the 20% gym 80% nutrition “rules”.

Go with what your body feels right with, just make sure you count NUTRITION not calories!

It is like I can eat almost unlimited carrots and absorb nutrients and feel fine, yet if I eat the same calorie count from fries, both were 100 calorie totals yet after eating fries, I’ll feel lethargic. Yet I can eat the same “caloric measure” of both varieigies of food; does this mean they’re equal in quality and value? Can I get a HECK NO? Calorie counting can help you, but they’re not the solution to getting fit, nutrition is.

And of course, we can’t always plan our meals super well when travelling around or balancing a hectic schedule, so don’t feel like pre-packaged foods are even a “cheat meal”, they’re fine if you are eating real food and the above are among my personal faves.

Happy snacking!

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