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Online BusinessBuilding a business does not have to involve renting a location and designing a retail store. With the growing popularity of online shopping, you can start your own business online and avoid paying rents and other large expenses that are incurred by retail store owners. Building our own online business does not have to be difficult, but you must be prepared for the mission. If you are willing to make the time and financial investment, you can earn a regular income and quit your nine to five once the sales are up. Check out these steps for success as niche entrepreneur too!


4 Steps to Building Your Own Online Business

1. Decide on a Product or a Niche

You need a purpose whenever you are starting any type of business, say if you plan on selling clothing, you need to decide on what audience you will be targeting. If you are going to sell seasonal supplies, you need to focus on summer beach towels and beach gear or snow supplies. Utilizing the right sources for your niche is never to be overlooked, so if you’re selling a tangible product, sites like is an easy way to gain more interest and sales. By focusing on a product line or topic, you can them decide how you will design your page and generate traffic.

2. Building Your Website

With so many different e-commerce sites on the Internet today, you need a professional site if you want to look legitimate. You need to pick the right templates, upload photos, take time to create product descriptions, and be sure that you have pages that cover your return policies. Easy navigation is important, but so is support. Make sure you choose the right domain name and that it is memorable for your customers.

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3. Choose a Website Hosting Service

You will then need to set up a hosting service that will keep your website up and running. You never want to hire a host that is known for having high levels of downtime. You also need to consider page load times and excellent features that will help you track your traffic. You can visit a website hosting provider like Midphase to learn more about their reseller hosting plans.

4. Creating Content

You need to have relevant and fresh content on your site if you want to compete against the large retailers online. Your content should be written in a tone that caters to your target audience and is also keyword optimized. Allowing guest posting is an easy way to get great content (given that you preapprove and proofread the content beforehand), and get it at a steady rate that keeps your blog or website going. Both on-page and off-page content posted to article directories and blogs is important. Check out these business tools for entrepreneurs.

Starting your own business online is going to be a commitment. You may need to hire a web designer, consult with other online business owners, and do research on Internet marketing, but the time you invest will pay off if you are committed.

Kathrine Kreger is a fulltime writer living in Eugene Oregon, and a recent graduate from The University of Utah. She’s an iPhone enthusiast, lover of Thai food, and is currently writing her own sci-fi book series that she hopes to get published by the end of 2014.

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