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Let’s face it. You might be incredibly good at your job. But if you aren’t dressed for the part, no one will take you seriously. There’s a reason that entrepreneurs are encouraged to wear business suits in all their meetings and outings. A business suit enhances your professional appeal and indicates that you really care for your job. Unfortunately, dressing the part isn’t always easy. A lot of people are unable to figure out how to make the perfect business suits a part of their wardrobe.

It’s not really surprising. After all, there’s so much to take care of. Everything has to be given the utmost attention, from fitting to color, fabric, and even texture. But you don’t have to panic. More than not, the answer lies in the basics.

The Traits of Perfect Business Suits

business suitDo you know that business suits aren’t even at the top of the formal attire scale? Yes, if you have to go all out with your formal attire, you have to adorn black or white tie suits. Usually, these indicate special evening events. The question is, what type of business suits should you be wearing for your routine professional meetings?

To understand the business suit better, you first have to figure out the components to take into account during the purchase.


The more formal you want your attire to be, the darker shade for the suit you should go for. If you have just stepped into the business world, you can opt for shades like navy blue and charcoal grey. The best thing about these colors is that they are pretty versatile. You won’t face much of a challenge matching them with other colors.

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Texture and Fabric

The texture of a business suit is just as important. The shine and smoothness of the fabric indicate formality and give your attire quite an elegant touch. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you go all out and buy a suit made of satin. Look for something in moderation.

The perfect fabric for your suit would be wool or maybe a blend of wool and silk. Keep in mind that the weave shouldn’t be too prominent. If you want a more textured and traditional look, you can also consider tweed suits, which are a popular option for fall and winter.


How formal your business suit will look will significantly be influenced by its pattern. Typically, excessive patterns make your suit appear less formal. For professional settings, it’s best to go for subtlety. So, find a suit with simple patterns like pinstripes.

The Make

Most people don’t realize that not all suits have the same make. Good business suits have a well-constructed canvas. They should have shoulder paddings which give jackets a more elegant look. Similarly, it’s essential to pay attention to detail.

Putting Together A Business Suit

Your business suits won’t really have the desired effect if you fail to pair them with proper trousers or shoes. Also, remember, suit trousers should always have a sharp crease down the center. Additionally, you must compliment your suit with professional dress shoes in either black or brown color.

Since shirts are hidden most of the time by the jacket, people usually don’t really think much about them. But keep in mind that your business suit wouldn’t be complete without a proper dress shirt. Go for something with smooth weaves and solid colors if you want to look your professional best.

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How to Shop for Perfect Business Suits

business suitBy now, you know what makes up an excellent business suit. It’s time for shopping. How do you ensure you don’t end up making crucial mistakes at the last moment? Here are some tips.

  • For one thing, make sure you know your size. You won’t be able to get perfect business suits if you don’t know your exact measurements. Precision and accuracy are crucial. Also, measure around your neck and from the edge of one shoulder to the other. Don’t forget your sleeve length. Not only your natural waistline, but you should also know the measurements around the top of your chest, over your shoulders, and under your armpits.
  • The type of fit you should go for depends on your style and comfort. Some options include skinny, tailored, and classic.
  • Business suits require an expert tailor. Even if you buy something off the rack, you need to get it altered. And it’s vital to entrust the job to someone reliable who can weave his magic on your business suits.
  • Don’t go overboard while selecting the color and texture. Don’t let your business suit look like it’s made of cheap fabric. Keep things subtle.
  • Give importance to detail, right from the fit in the shoulders to your arms. The sleeves of the suit shouldn’t rise above the cuff. You can change the buttons of your suits as per your personal style.
  • You can add a luxurious feel and life to your business suit with lining. The lining also adds weight to the jacket and makes it a better fit.
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Get The Perfect Business Suits for Your Wardrobe

business suitMost entrepreneurs think they don’t really need to spend so much time and money on business suits. After all, you have a great idea, and you are excellent at what you do. Does it really matter how you are dressed? Indeed!

Remember, the first impression makes a world of difference in the corporate world. And this is where business suits can be a valuable asset. If you don’t make an effort to look like a professional, your potential clients, partners, and investors will be quick to disregard you. Surely, this isn’t something you want to deal with?

So, as vital as it is to give time to your business, you have to pay a bit of attention to your wardrobe too. Let your business suits convey that you have arrived in the corporate world and intend to rule it!

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