The New Science of Super Awareness

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews Entrepreneurship Health & Fitness Podcast Travel Uncategorized / January 19, 2016
meditation, yoga, mindfulness, zen

It’s no surprise that super performers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson all have a meditation practice. This brings us to Bill Harris, the author of The New Science of Super Awareness. Bill is a Zen Monk and the founder of Centerpointe Research Institute who has developed a technology that helps people feel the effects of meditation roughly 8x faster! The Holosync Meditation Program has had…

Embrace Your Weirdness, Be Happier and Do Sh*t You Love with Martin McGovern

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / November 10, 2015

It sucks being weird doesn’t it? What?  You aren’t weird? Ohhh, you mean you’ve been hiding your individuality. You know, showing up to boring happy hours just to fit in with your co-workers.  Pretending you like sports and drinking and your job, just so others will like you…. Today, I talk to my friend Martin McGovern from Idea Lemon. Martin helps people embrace their weirdness, find their voice,…

Stuck in a Creative Rut? Get into the Flow State Today!

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / November 3, 2015

Do you wish you had a more creative life?  Are you looking for that thunderbolt of inspiration to hit you? Today I talk to Marcella Chamorro, who’s expertise is in helping people have more peace of mind allowing them to experience more creative flow. I’ve followed Marcella’s blog The Perpetual Vacation for years and even got to experience paradise in her home country of Nicaragua.  It’s an awesome…

Get Known in Your Industry Faster and Work Less with Ryan O’Connell

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / October 27, 2015

Don’t you wish everyone already knew you, so you didn’t have to work so hard promoting yourself? Imagine your work was published in just the right place at the right time, so you could go do the things important to you… This is exactly what I talk to my friend Ryan O’Connell of Influence and Co. about in hopes that we can teach you how to get more…

How To Escape Your Quarterlife Crisis By Creating Your Own Beliefs with John Schnettgoecke

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / October 13, 2015

Ever wish you could run away to the beach, write your book and just not worry about anything for a while? Well, so did my friend John. John Schnettgoecke experienced a quarter life crisis and did what any millennial would do…he quit his job and journeyed to Central America to write and reflect. However through a series of unfortunate events, he found himself on a plane back to…

How To Transform Physically and Mentally For a More Fulfilled Life

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / September 29, 2015

We cannot help others unless we ourselves feel good and ready. It was this realization that led Daniel Witmer, founder of Bass Jump and co-founder of Zen Dude Fitness, to quit his corporate job in search of fulfillment. Daniel found it in skipping rope, hip hop and teaching others how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In this week’s podcast we dive into Daniel’s choice to leave New…

How To Be Healthy, Happy and Super Human with Chris Ashenden of Athletic Greens

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / September 22, 2015

You want to eat healthy, but you don’t know where to start. There is so much advice about healthy eating, that after reading all of it you feel overwhelmed and mull on over to the fridge for that last slice of pie. We get it. So this week we brought on Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden, founder of Athletic Greens, to talk health, happiness, and building a lifestyle business. Chris is a world…

How To Live a More Ambitious Life with Greg Rollett

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / September 16, 2015

What if you had a roadmap that showed you how to live differently and better yourself? This week, we talk to Greg Rollett, a best selling author, marketing expert and the founder of ambitious.com, a platform created to share lifestyles and personalities of young people who are taking life into their own hands. Greg takes us through “the perfect day” exercise, simple advice for people who feel like they are always…

How To Create a Positive Relationship with Money So You’re Ready To Make More with Danielle Madden

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / September 8, 2015

Do you have a good relationship with your money or is your money managing you? In this week’s podcast we talk to Danielle Madden, a financial advisor who helps people get clarity, confidence and freedom in their finances. Danielle and I talk about the most important first steps if you’re looking to open your own business and then deep dive into the psychological aspects that really hold people back from…

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