Psychedelic Dangers & Cryptocurrency Fame with Michael Jacobs aka Shill Nye The Crypto Guy

by / ⠀Podcast / January 17, 2019
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This week’s episode of the Live Different Podcast is all about cryptocurrency, building a business, and transforming one’s life.

The Guest

Michael Jacobs, also known as NYE, is an avid speaker, world explorer, content creator, and digital marketing specialist in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Ever since 2017, he’s been trading in the cryptocurrency space while running his company Elevated District at the same time.

Elevated District helps blockchain and cryptocurrency companies with their digital needs. They build, implement, and manage customized social media strategies. He also helps stimulate organic community growth and social brand awareness by building relationships as well as  working directly with top influencers in the crypto space.

NYE travels the world to talk about the importance of transparency in the cryptocurrency arena. He has spoken in several countries including Amsterdam, Dubai, Thailand, China, and Bali.

The Episode with Michael Jacobs

This week’s episode is all about the basics of cryptocurrency, running a business, and rebuilding one’s life.

NYE shares how he rebuilt his life and created a new identity, how he keeps his energy tight, and the dangers of taking spirituality a bit too far.

NYE discusses the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the difference between currency and money, and his advice when it comes to speculative investments.‍

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