Cover Letter vs Letter of Interest: What’s the Difference?

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cover letter vs letter of interest

When it comes to the business world, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. From the different documents to the terminology that entrepreneurs frequently use. There are a lot of things that need to be known in order to be successful. This is also true for letters such as cover letters vs a letter of interest.

There are key factors to both documents and some similarities. But, knowing the difference between the two can be a matter of success or failure.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the difference between a cover letter and a letter of interest.

What is a Cover Letter?

There is a good chance that you have written a cover letter before. But, in case it has been awhile or you are just a novice getting your training wheels on, then it is important to know. A cover letter is a document in which you write to a business that has a job opening.

Now, it is important to not that a cover letter is an option to partake in. Every business has its own rules and guidelines to follow. However, it is good to have one even if it is not required. That is because it can help you get an edge over the competition. To better understand the role of cover letters in the contemporary job scene, the guide “Are cover letters still useful in 2023?” sheds light on this topic.

So when do you write a cover letter? You write the letter when there is an open position that you see is available. Then, you write a one page letter why you think you are the most suitable for the job position. The cover letter should also be with your resume when you apply.

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What is a Letter of Interest?

A letter of interest is different from the cover letter, but it is does have its similarities. To begin, a letter of interest is written when you want to work at that particular company. You would write what that company means to you and why you think you would be a good fit for the company.

A resume is optional when you send your letter. However, it could be beneficial to send it in with the letter. Who knows, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Tips for Writing either Letter

When it comes to writing the actual letters, there are key differences and similarities to watch out for.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Let’s say that there is a job position open and you think that you would be a good fit. You apply for the job, send in your resume, and write your cover letter. But, what are the tips to have a well-received cover letter?

For starters, personalize the cover letter that fits the company. Demonstrate in your writing why you have the skills and capabilities to be working for that company. Look for keywords that may pop up in the job description and utilize those in your writing.

You should do some research about the company beforehand to ensure that you understand the motives and goals of the business.

Letter of Interest Writing Tips

What is a business that you have always wanted to work for? How do you go about getting a job there? A letter of interest is key to that reality. However, the letter needs to be extremely well-written and formatted properly to showcase that you mean business.

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Like a cover letter, make sure to do research on the company you want to work for. You want to have a good understanding of what they do and what their motives are so that you can express that in your letter of interest. How do their goals mesh with your passion?

It is best to write a letter of interest to the hiring manager. Make sure to address them by name. If you can’t find their name, then use the alternative “Dear Marketing Director”.

Your letter of interest should mention at the end that you are more than willing to send in your resume if they are interested. You also need to write a request to talk further. This does not need to be an interview, it can even just be a meeting at a cafe to discuss.


As stated above, there are clear differences and similarities between a cover letter vs a letter of interest. Both need to be short, sweet, and to the point.

These letters are important because they can be your ticket to a new job! How and why they are written are a bit different from one another. Luckily, there are many online resources such as templates that can help you navigate writing these documents.

As long as you are honest and demonstrate the knowledge and passion that you have for the job position or the business, then there is a good chance that you get the job!

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