Marketing for Growth: a CEO’s Blueprint for Expanding Your Business in the Digital Age 

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The digital revolution is very much upon us. From the expanding use of social media to the eye-watering level to which technology has infiltrated into every single aspect of our lives, there’s no going back. As businesses, we need to learn to move and adapt to these changes in order to stay competitive with others in our industries, including marketing campaigns.

CEOs have the unique task of balancing the day-to-day struggles of running a business with planning for the future that we’re rapidly moving toward. In order to do this effectively, we need to use the digital age as a method of expanding. Not as a change that holds us back.

In this article, we’ll dive into digital strategies that allow businesses to access high-growth. We’ll cover:

  • Data is Vital
  • Sustainability Is the Present, and Will Certainly Be the Future
  • Consistent Branding is King

Let’s dive right into it.

Data is Vital

The biggest change that the digital age has brought to business is the sheer extent to which data has become a core part of the game. Everywhere we look, there’s a continual flow of new data. This includes everything from social media traffic to customer interaction with a website producing data.

As this data becomes available, they’re able to absorb it, standardize it, and put it to work in business analysis. Business intelligence tools that allow us to predict future trends, assess current efforts, and tailor our marketing campaigns are cutting-edge resources that you should be putting to work.

In this digital age, we have to make use of the most important resource we have at our fingerprints. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you integrate analytics software across all of your business platforms. While many, like websites and social media pages, will have embedded analytics already there to use, your business may benefit from a unique solution provider.

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Depending on the extent to which you plan to use data, the tools you use for this will vary. The most important thing is that you incorporate data analysis into every department in your business. By bringing a quantitative element to every business decision that you make, you’ll streamline your operation and ensure everyone has a higher chance of success.

Even if you’re only just arriving to the data game, it’s never too late to get started. This will be the most impactful change that you can make in order to boost your company’s efficiency.

Sustainability Is the Present, and Will Certainly Be the Future

Recent studies show that 60% of global consumers prioritize the sustainability factor or a business as very important when making a purchasing decision. At an even greater scale, 85% of consumers have become greener over the last few years. With the current direction that the world is going, sustainability is rapidly becoming everyone’s top concern.

If you’re launching marketing campaigns, remember to incorporate sustainability into the equation. By focusing on all the ways that your business is green, your marketing campaigns will be able to tick that vital box for many customers and ensure you get a higher conversion percentage.

As a CEO, you have the power to steer your company toward greener decisions. While the marketing team can focus on this element as much as they’d like, if there is a lack of content to actually discuss, you’ll end up frustrating your customers more than anything else. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take a stand and start building a more eco-friendly business.

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In the digital age, we have thousands of choices when it comes to sustainable decisions. For example, you can switch suppliers, change your supply chain, or focus on carbon neutrality with replantation efforts to start to turn the tide. Your power as a CEO puts you in a unique position to create positive change. This is not just for your company, but also for the world as a whole.

By focusing on becoming more sustainable and then discussing that choice in your marketing campaign, you’ll find yourself winning over much more of your intended audience. Sustainability is a complete win-win for everyone.

Ensure Your Branding is Coherent

Branding goes beyond just selecting a few colors from the color wheel and calling it a day. Branding impacts absolutely everything you do, stretching into every single interaction that you have with your customers. And, considering there are over 5 million new businesses created every single year, you need to do everything you can to stick out from the crowd.

Moving into content marketing and social media is a wonderful way of expanding the reach of your brand. But, it’s not nearly as effective if you don’t have consistent branding across different platforms. If someone runs into your brand with a certain logo, display picture, and color scheme, then goes to a different one of your pages only to find different assets, you’re losing potential recognition.

Customer recognition is extremely difficult to build, yet powerful once you’re able to do so. Creating branding assets across all of your platforms is vital. Beyond just social media, make sure your branding is consistent across your website and email platforms, too.

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Email is still one of the leading channels for marketing, meaning it’s vital you get your branding right here. A good way of doing this? Make sure that all of your employees are using a pre-set email signature format. This means that whenever someone emails someone connected to your company, they’re met with professionalism and a consistent picture of your brand.

If you haven’t already done this, be sure to use an email signature generator for companies, which will help you visually craft the style that matches your brand. From there, ensure every single one of your employees uses it across their company email accounts.

Final Thoughts

This digital age is constantly shifting, with the best practices, methods, and strategies for growth equally changing with it. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure the fundamentals of your brand are as polished as possible. While marketing strategies and ideas will change, the core of the brand that you’re building won’t.

Instead of investing time and money into following the latest trend, we recommend that you focus on securing the core areas that we’ve outlined in this article. By moving through your branding, making sustainable choices, and forging a strong relationship with data, you’ll be better prepared to relate with your audience – no matter what happens.

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