Crowded Market: Is There Room For Me?

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About two weeks ago I took a call from a woman who was slightly frazzled. She had recently left her corporate life where she was chained to a desk and taken the leap to create and launch her own business – a hair dressing salon.

This was actually a pretty unique call.  Usually I receive calls from people who are working in a big corporate environment merely surviving the day who want to break out on their own and THRIVE rather than just survive.  Usually it’s to do what they are currently doing…only they want to do it themselves so this call threw me a little.

I started asking her some questions and quickly realized that this woman was passionate about hair! She could rattle off information about every brand, product, famous hair stylists, etc..  It was actually quite impressive and I was engaged in how excited she grew by telling me what she knew.

She had one doubt in her mind that had kept coming up for her, hence the reason why she picked up the phone to call me.  “Clint, I just don’t think there is room for me in this market to open up my dream salon. I mean, everyone these days owns a hair salon and I’ll just been seen the same as all the others”.

As the words came out of her mouth I took a deep breath and exhaled while saying “Oh, that’s an easy one”. There was silence and then I explained to her my theory on creating and launching a business in an industry that already has multiple players.

Now depending on the client I use different examples but I’m sure the below will resonate with you!

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What would have happened if Katy Perry just kept writing music in her studio apartment while working as a waitress because she thought to herself “There are already so many female pop stars out there, there’s no room for me and my music”?

What would have happened if Volkswagen decided not to launch their cars into the market, as there were already plenty of cars on the road and great choice for people wanting an automobile?

What would happen if your favorite little café where you eat brunch on a Sunday morning in the sunshine while you read the paper didn’t open simply because there is another café 100 meters up the road?

Get where I’m coming from? If you have a gift, a passion, a wisdom or knowledge that you’re not sharing, then in effect it’s robbery.  You’re robbing your potential clients from experiencing the unique offering that you can give them!


By the end of our call, this caller (who is now my client!) was more than ready to create her dream salon.  Assuming that there is no room for you in a market or an industry is nothing more than condemning yourself to defeat.  It’s time for you to THRIVE in your life and your business which means it’s time to throw away your excuses to move forward and get started!

Have you experienced the same thoughts that there is no room for you? I’d love for you to share your experiences in the comment field below.

P.S. If you know someone that’s going through something similar at the moment, why don’t you forward this blog to them?! It’s free and could really make a huge impact on their life.

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